Position-Correcting Tools for 2d work

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    Found this interesting project that has developed a position-correction router that is used like CAD/CAM, but uses humans to operate the tool. The tool has a digital screen that the operator follows a predetermined path. Those video game skills could really come in handy. Average error was 0.009" with the maximum of 0.023"

    Now if they could harness a plasma cutter that would be cool.


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  2. LR Jerry

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    Yeah you could do some nice stuff with metal cutting bits.
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    i concur.

    plasma cutter setup. :)

    but...its still cnc. only benefit, if any...is the minimal movements required on the x/y. still have to be super fast! a way so acce/ decel forces dont affect the positioning device..ie, the hands... maintaining feeds and speeds....

    you still have to program the DOC, the profiles, the...everything you already do on cnc without the huge machine....nah.

    the more i think, the less i like... :(

    how fast to do a tool change? :jester: