pot metal fuel petcock valve=junk; best replacement?

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  1. windbreaker

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    from new the kit valve never shut completely resulting in a flamable mess. I've solved the problem adequately using a golf tee, (after replacing the rock hard clear gas line with real neoprene), thinking I'd find an affordable replacement in due course. But its been over a yr now so I'm hoping someone more experienced has sourced a better valve somewhere??? Maybe those clamps that they use to pinch automotive brake hoses when changing calipers? TIA

  2. V 35

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    The stock petcock is C * * p ! PIRATE CYCLE has a nice replacement , plastic knob handle, threads in, has locknut for positioning, works smoothly LUCKY EARLY BIRD has a better than kit petcock, has wire handle, threads right in, a little cheaper, but
    not as nice as Pirate's offering. As for Fuel line, Neoprene is safe, but flakes after
    a couple years. I recommend 1/4 " TYGON tubing, and 3/16" clamps.[ NAPA ] Run a small engine type gas filter, those tiny tanks are known for grit. After the first season, replace Small Engine filter with motorcycle type one for cooler looks.
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  3. BoltsMissing

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    This tap has outlasted everything.
    Aussie, 100% brass, tapered and it's either On or Off.

    It does cost a bit extra, it's made locally.

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  4. The_Aleman

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    Check your local hardware store, you can probably find a decent replacement petcock. I've seen brass 1/8" NPT petcock/shutoff valves at Ace, Lowes, and Home Depot.

    I'm currently using a plastic inline petcock for lawnmowers I bought at a Lowe's for $8, came with some nice fuel line, too.
  5. motorpsycho

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    take the petcock out of your tank.
    take it to the hardware store and get a brass fitting with a barbed end for hose that has the same threads as the petcock.
    Then, buy an in line fuel shut off (for lawnmowers).
    this is the cheapest and easiest fix i've found, and it cost me about $9.00 for everything.
  6. windbreaker

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    exc. food for thought; thanks all.

    ' Been thinking that since the tank is full of rust & too small anyway, I should look at some increased capacity plastic replacement options.

    I've got a 1 cubic foot plastic milk delivery crate secured above the rear wheel. Has anyone already figured out a good setup for adapting a regular 1 gal portable gas jug to replace the crappy kit supplied fuel tank?

    any ideas/suggestions for jerry-rigging a better jerry-can? maybe a collaspsable camping water bag?
  7. Al.Fisherman

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    How about this??


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  8. Anton

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    I'm not saying those taps don't work BoltsM but the bike in the photo is the one I purchased off of you with the brass fuel tap and that tap seems to have drips of fuel on it.

    I will have to check it may be that the thread needs new sealing tape.