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    I read in this mornings paper that British Columbia Canada is proposing all quads and dirtbikes need registration--my friend said he heard bicycles would be included too (in Toronto in the 50s and 60s they were registered too)
    The argument is with an unregistered vehicle a person or his property cant be traced---hello 1984 George Orwell !! its time we Canadians bear arms !!:icon_cry::confused:

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    Hmmm I thought I heard that you were going to arm bears?

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    Cool idea we have lots of Bears !!
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    Sounds like our government finally realized how many quads, dirtbikes etc. people in b.c. have and now they want to try to get some money out of it. Honestly wouldn't surprise me if they went through with something like that, they would most likely also make up at least two taxes that they would add to the registration... :veryangry:

    I have only been in bc a few years now, but I already know that the main priority of all of our officials seems to be "how do we milk the people more?" Tax upon tax, tax on tax... And next year we get HST, because "we are following the rest of the country". Bah, thats why I voted RefedBC this time (lots of help that did...)

    I hope it does not go as far as bicycles. It's bad enough that MB's are pretty much illegal (or not legal - whichever sounds better to you) throughout canada (apart from alberta afaik). So far I have not been bothered by local police, I ride slow & with a helmet, so in there eyes I'm probably just a law abiding cyclist and they have no reason to pull me over. If registration comes into effect it gives them something to check, one more reason to pull us over.

    I can see it now: "Hello....bicycle registration please... Is that a motor you have on there?"

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    Sounds grizzly

    If there's a way to tax it, it will be taxed; but it's for your own
    safety. Pretty soon we'll be required airbags and helmets in the
    shower, and all shower curtains must be licensed, EPA approved,
    with annual renewal fees and inspections.

    "Those who would trade a bit of freedom for a bit of security
    deserve neither, and will lose both."

    Ben Franklin
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    P.S. God bless John Wayne!
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    Yep, those were different times with different values my friend.