questions on tools for a 4 stroke build.

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    I need recommendations on tools for a 4 stroke build. a few of things I have or need are: chain breaker(need), crank remover tool(need), bicycle maintenance stand(need), Phillips head screw driver(already own), pliers(already own) scissors(already own), black electrical tape(already own) power drill/drill bit sizes(need)

    So my main questions are what chain breaker brand could you recommend to me and what size drill bits should I get? Because I know I would need to drill a small hole in the right side of the handlebar for the throttle screw to help the throttle stay in place. And what bike stand would you recommend for around $50 10 $100? And were could I find a good crank remover tool for a reasonable price? This will be my first experience building a 4 stroke because my only motorized bike experience was an old 2 stroke bike i put together I sold long ago. My old chain breaker broke on me so I need a new one.

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    I use a pipe clamp bolted to a fence post as a bike stand. $8 from harbor freight.

    As for what bike to get, check out yard sales and get you the heaviest steel frame bike you can find that an engine will fit in. You won't find anything good and new for under $100 short of possibly some sort of black friday sale.
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    You can get a chain breaker at tractor supply for about $20. It works well with 415 chain. It may reference 410, but works with 415. I don't know about 4 strokes, but 2 strokes will require meter cap bolt allen wrenches . Also get a set of meter wrenches. sized, say between 7- 14 MM, or there about. You can get them at most hardware stores. 10mm is used a lot.
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    Metric box end wrenches 8mm-16mm.
    Metric Alan wrenches ~1mm-8mm.
    The drill bit for the throttle peg is .15" 3.8mm
    Good Philips screwdriver.

    I use this chain breaker for 415 and 41 chain, $15.

    Crank and BB removal tools depend on the bike and what it has on it.

    If you have 1 piece cranks you'll need to buy the BB cups with the 7G kit to make it 3-piece cranks but no special tools to do it.
    If you already have 3-piece cranks you'll need a crank arm puller and then slap the new cranks on, they bend out around the engine. has BB stuff and tools.
    Grab an NGK 7544 (CR7HIX) Iridium spark plug if they have them, they make the 49cc HS come alive.
    Good luck with the build.
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    Thanks. Looks like I found a harborfreight store near my town! that will be a time saver. I'll give their chain breaker a chance. Seems to get good reviews.
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    HF is way too much, buy a complete snap on set with a roll-a-way box.