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    Ive heard many different figures, but how many miles will my half gallon tank get me once im done with my bike?

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    Well, it would be nice if you would tell us, what kind of engine, 2 or 4 stroke. Happy time in frame mount. Rack Mount, size of CC. Your question is kinda like, hey I have a car, how fast will go? Without specifics nobody can help you.
  3. Depending on your size, the bike and engine in the pic should get between 50 to 75 mpg for breakin ( 25 to 40 miles per tank) and maybe as high as 150 mpg (75 miles per tank). Enjoy.....
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    oh right, um 66cc dual clutch auto, uh, 2 stroke i think, im so new at this stuff sorry
  5. My 70 cc (66cc probably the same engine as yours except for your auto clutch) 2 stroke manual clutch china engine frame mount e bay bought engine I can get pretty close to 80 miles per tank if I fill it up until I can't put any more in.
    And I also do some shutting off and pedaling when I pass people.
    A more realistic figure for me is 60 miles without any pedaling.
    Remember too my engine has well over 2 thousand miles on it so it's well broken in.
    Keep enough 2 stroke oil in your tool pouch in a small container. If you find yourself out of gas you can go to the pumps and mix your fuel. Remember to pour the oil in your tank first so it will mix a bit better.
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    thanks, i have a net lil pouch thing behind the seat
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    I can go about 70 miles on a half gallon. I have a 70cc 2 stroke happy time. I usually cruise at about 20-22 mph. However, I can't resist the urge to go full throttle to 30 mph for a few seconds at least once a day. I always engage the clutch and coast down hills. I get about 140 MPG, and I'm 6' 3 and weigh 270lbs. Not bad! I wonder what kind of gas mileage it would get with a rider thats over 100 lbs lighter than me.

    Good idea. I have had to do that before. Make sure to turn off the fuel on the gas tank. I poured the oil in first, then put the gas in. Then I shook the helll out of the bike. People must have been looking at me like I was crazy.
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