Recommended Scooter Muffler for a GX35?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by WheeledWonder, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. WheeledWonder

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    I have a stock Honda GX35 with a rear-mount friction roller drive.

    Is there a commercial scooter muffler you recommend to lower noise substantially, with little if any power loss?
    Anyone ever use silicone tubing to make pipe alterations?
    What kind of muffler mods are good?
    Is it good to mount the exhaust system to the bottom engine mounts, to eliminate more complicated bicycle frame or rack attachments?

    Here are some startup possibilities:
    $20 USD -
    $70 -
    $80 -
    $125 / 5 lbs -

    Any opinions?

  2. bigoilbob

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    No quiet GX35 builds out there?!

    I'm guessing there's lots of GX35 powered bikes upon the land. And at least a substantial minority of the riders would like them quieter. I chose mine for durable, economic, lower polluting power, and the less noise the better. Surely someone has successfully silenced their ride! Write in and brag about it!
  3. R31 POWER

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    Has anyone got inside pics of what a stock muffler looks like?
  4. Old Bob

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  5. Cavi Mike

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    Old Bob cracks me up.
  6. Bob Mac

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    muffler for gxh 50 honda

    I'm looking for one for my honda gxh50. Need to quiet this thing down. Need to go stealth. Any ideas.
  7. R31 POWER

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    Old bob sent me plans for this. Cheers bro.
  8. Old Bob

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    A zoomie! awesome! I like to weld a Briggs 4 hp muffler on the end, it flows more than enough and knocks the noise down more than a gutted can muffler.
  9. bigoilbob

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    Hi Old Bob;

    From one to another, do you happen to have similar plans for a GX35 installation, without losing the advantage of the forced air cooling? I suppose that involves some trick way of getting the pipe through the cowling without melting the plastic. Whatever imaginative solution that entails, I can not imagine that someone has not done it yet. Separately, thanks for the idea of using a bigger BS muffler. I'm thinking I can put it on the end of my pipe, and not stop up my little engine.

    Thanks in advance.