Replacement build for stolen bike.

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  1. thx11382000

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    Well, I just finished my build replacing the one that got snatched from me.
    Turned out pretty nice.
    A Voyaguer folder with the manual pedals moved to the left side.
    GXH50 powerplant.
    Custom clutch mated to a right angle head off an old, sturdy Craftsman angle grinder(5 to 1 reduction).
    Belt and pulleys for another 3 to 1 reduction running to a 3 speed internal hub that gives 4:3, 1:1 and 3:4 ratios.
    All i need now is a kickstand!

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  2. GearNut

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    Very cool build! I really like your idea of using a grinder head. How well does the hub work with the reversed pedal drive, and how did you attach the pedal sprocket?
  3. thx11382000

    thx11382000 New Member

    Yeah, I used the angle drive so i could center the engine as well as have the air intake facing forward(arizona summers and all).
    The front sprocket at the pedals was just a matter of removing the crank and installing it from the other side, then tightened the bejesus out of the pedals so they don't loosen from pedaling. To get the left hand freewheel sprocket i took a right hand one and thread milled slightly bigger left hand ones, then cut external left hand threads on the hub to match. Only problem with that is the wrench spline is at the opposite side, so it's not coming off. Ever.
    It flies though.
    Success is truly the best revenge.
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  4. professor

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    Thx, that is one clever build! Nice going.
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  5. srdavo

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    I like it!!

    Can you tell us more about your custom clutch?
  6. thx11382000

    thx11382000 New Member

    Well, the output on the ghx50 is a shaft, so i took some alum round stock, the arms and pads off an old electric motor brake, dowel pins, springs etc... and made a clutch pack/plate. The rest up to the right hand bevel is free floating. It's kind of hard to describe but i recessed and press fitted a set of thrust bearings in the face of the clutch plate/pack. The clutch drum is splined to it's shaft and the end of this shaft butts up against the thrust bearings.
    Basically the clutch plate/pack is always in contact with the drum. At low rpm it's just spinning on the thrust bearings. When you kick up the r.p.m's the force is transferred to the drum but the thrust bearings remain in contact face to face.
    I don't know if i'm describing it right, but what it does is provide a smooth engagement because the drum is centered and supported by the clutch plate itself.
    I'll have to take some pics next time i have it apart.