Think I made a Big f***ing Mistake


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Dec 13, 2015
Resurrection from the graveyard f***ing work after 7 failed CDI's and still had a half dozen magnetos to fish thru all costing me time, money frustration, the new item arrives complete electrical system CDI, Magneto and spark plug place into a motor I thought was scrap or almost cuz I took it apart there was no cracks, dimples or scrapes on the cylinder rings look ok piston looks good there should be no goddamn reason for it not to start as long as I have spark, just hope the f*** it's not another defective CDI or magneto. It fired right up!

Yeah, sh*t I had to take my magnesium flint stone out to strike it, sparks look like that there not hopefully hallucinations did I see one or not thought saw some yellow out of one.

Now I got 2 more motors in my boneyard that may be rideable if I had only thought the law of probability had not inter the equation 1 out 7 one has got to work so piss on my 10th-grade science teacher.

Also I guess I'm going to check into Bikebury's CDI that is supposed to have some magic effect for $70.00 I think they sell for which is 7 times more but it might keep me in the seat without torture of pedaling.


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Nov 14, 2018
Now that the bike is running the Inspector should check the 7 CDIs he has to see if they really are defective.
I'll bet ya 7 to 1 that their good and the bike wasn't starting because of something else.