this is what we're talking about...misleading info :(



from a dealer in florida's site...i went to have a look after seeing some new motoredbikes in town & learning they hadn't checked us out before buying, they paid $15 more total than my 69CC "70" for a 64CC "80", & the hardware was as cheap (not merely inexpensive, since they paid more) as it gets:

Comes with a free Bicycle frame adaptor !!! (Limited Time)

please!!! bottom-line sales practices are gonna hurt the movement. i've refrained from posting the seller's name, because all the greedy ones do this...but i think it s*cks!!!

before you buy: pick 3 different sources, then email all of them the same questions, using "cc" so they know they're competing...that outta get their attention :(
here's another one...ironically this guy popped up in our ebay auction ads.

OURS ----------------------------------OTHERS
(Alloy clutch lever w/ push button lock VS. pot metal lever w/ flimsy spring clip)
(High quality motorcycle fuel petcock VS. small pin lever petcock w/no guide)
(Upgraded universal mount w/ 9 large bolts VS. mount w/ small bolts that snap)
(Free large frame adapter with detailed instructions VS. none (good luck)
(Heavy duty motorcycle chain size 415 VS. Small bicycle chain sz 35 (Snaps)
(Waterproof CDI with 6v output for head and tail lights VS. none)
(Easy to follow 10 page instruction manual w detailed pics VS. Chinese Junk)
Plus Many More! Don't be fooled, buy a high Quality Kit!
more total horse carp!!! off the 'bay of course.

this guy's listed a $2000 honda-50 powered mb as a whizzer, no bids of course...somebody has to speak up over at ebay...not that they'd care.

item #: 170136377311
i just said that :p

if i see any bids, i'm gonna have to ask the seller about it being a real whizzer.
I don't think it says whizzer in the description, only the title. As you know, many eBayers will do this to generate hits on their auctions. He probably should have said "not Whizzer" Kinda cheezy thing to do in my opinion.

not see what you mean, still a crooked practice, yeah.

he knows he'll mislead the un-knowing & that's who he's after.
I wonder if the people selling Whizzers mind that he is using their name.(just a thought)
not see what you mean, still a crooked practice, yeah.

he knows he'll mislead the un-knowing & that's who he's after.
anybody who would pay 2k$ for that is definitely un-knowing :rolleyes:
but, at the same time, ebay should be able to do something about misleading titles:mad:
as i'm starting to have a more comprehensive look at the various engine/kit combos, i'm realizing what these sneaky-snakes should be realizing...

tell us the truth about what you're offering, we'll still buy the stuff, unless you have reason to be lying about your merchandise. if you're an honest supplier, telling the truth in engine representation will shine the spot even brighter on the liars.