This Website that sells Flying Horse 2-stroke engine kits $140 Shipped!

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    Okay so I found this site
    Which I thought was pretty interesting ($140.00 each kit, for 5 kits or above it's $120. For 10 kits plus it's $100 each.)

    I was interested as I'm on a budget and need someone who ships to California, I emailed them about their warranty... and quality of their kits.

    "DoA and shipping damages in transit are paid for by us. Initial shipping is free also"
    "Do research online about the brand name flying horse. We are a distribution center and sell the same engine as everyone else. We are not selling some no name engine you never heard of."

    So, I think I'm going to take the chance, and if it works out well, I'll let everyone else know and then we can add another good (and inexpensive!) website to the list of CA sellers.

    However... before I go and gamble $140 -- Flying Horse is decent right? And I have two forums to help me out with minor troubles.

    ~Hope to get feedback ;)

    EDIT: So I did some research on corkin.. doesn't seem to be a good website -- but I could just deal through the seller separately through email and paypal... But I m very skeptical about buying from him. I'm sure PayPal would back me up if something went horribly wrong
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    Motor kit

    Did you order it? Are you happy with it?