What's the BEST 4-stroke kit available?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by AnotherBillfromAZ, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. AnotherBillfromAZ

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    I've looked at the Grubee 4G and the EZ Bike. I'll probably go with the Honda GXH50 engine as well. Any advice?

  2. AnotherBillfromAZ

    AnotherBillfromAZ New Member

    Quenton makes the EZ Bike, Chineese make the 4 G.
    AZ Bill lives up the hill. 4G people live in...China.
    I guess it's not too tough of a choice.
  3. azbill

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    I wasn't going to post here
    (don't want to look like I am tooting my own horn ;))

    I can't argue with logic like that !!! :cool:
  4. augidog

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    i wasn't either, but now i will. anotherbill, i had a great chuckle when i saw this, lemme explain: the original founders of MBc knew all too well that every new arrival would wanna ask the same question, so in anticipation a section called (tongue in cheek) "What's the best & where do i get it?" was created. you'll find it one section above thiis area, which is for specific tech/mech discussions.

    anyway...the only person who can answer that question is someone who owns everything. very few do. in the past, discussions like this always lead to replies "i bought this one" or "i'm selling this one"...imo both are unproductive responses.

    read the product review section for opnions, read the garage to learn what kind of problems each kit encounters. trust me, there's enough info here for you to make an informed decision.
  5. cigron

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    lUn like Asbill I fell I can toot my own horn here. Im on my third build but my first
    4 stroke. I have A HS motor and it did have A Grubee stage 111 transmission.
    I ran it with the stage 111 for A little over 800 miles. If I used oil in the
    Transmission it slipped so much I had to peddle to about 12 mph.
    Plus it would get hot enough to make you say ouch.So then I switched
    To grease I had to re grease often or it would make more noise
    Then I was willing live with. Now I have A ezm on it for about 200 miles.
    Nice and quit and no maintence so far.
  6. kerf

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    I own neither an EZ or a Grubee and maybe I have little to offer but anyway...... The EZ is pretty expensive and if a MB is something that you'll play with for 6 months, then park in the garage, save yourself some money. If, however, you are serious about creating your own self propelled bike, then I've pretty much found you get what you pay for. Not only that but if you have a problem, I'm pretty sure you'll get more from the EZ guys than someone in NW China. Just my opinion.
  7. buzbikebklyn1

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    As far as 4 strokes go its hard to beat any good Honda 50cc in frame mount with the new "G B" coged belt type transmission and a shift kit... good over all performance.
    Buy or build a better exhaust pipe(4 strokes are quieter than 2 strokes to begin with) and re jet the carb.
    Cant go wrong with a good 4 stroke engine, just change the oil and make sure it all stays tight. I had well over 50,000 miles on my little Honda 35cc before i rebuilt it. Now its better than new and it still pulls nicely, is hardly burning any oil and even still gets 100 to 125 MPG.
    What about the 50cc Honda/clones?
    I'd stick with the Brand name from a reputable seller.
    I buy my replacement parts at a tool repair shop that does nothing but small gas engines. Its saved me a bundle and these guys have taught me a few tricks along the way.
    good luck.
  8. My question is how do you buy from E Z Motorbikes if they dont have prices and engines for sale on there website????
    Were can I buy a Honda in frame engine kit????Can you post a link to a wesite?
  9. ocscully

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    EZ Motorbike kits are supposed to be sold through a local dealer in your area? You can go to their website and use the Dealer Locator to find a dealer close to you, http://www.ezmotorbike.com/wholedealerpage.html Pirate Cycles shows them on their web site http://www.piratecycles1.com/ezmsidr4stki.html but the kit they are showing is the older Silent Drive not the Newer Q-matic and they don't come up as a Dealer on the EZ Site. This dealer has them shown on his blog http://ezmlebanon.blogspot.com/

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  10. Thanks for the links....I seen the ones on piratecycles,but didnt know they were the older trannys....Im glad you mentioned that so I know to buy from a E Z motorbike dealer....
    Thanks again