Carby where do i find an assortment of jets for walbro carbs?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by dchevygod, Jan 8, 2012.

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    I used a Carb from a gx31 clone # wyl 127, "8.5mm" for my zenoah gz25n23. It works I just want a leaner jet so it revvs all the way. I'm a poor Joe or I'd just buy a fully adjustable # wyk 194 "10.5mm" from DDM for $45. Any help is appreciated guys thx.

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    If your carb studs measure 1 1/4" or roughly 32mm, why not just buy a two stroke carb with the high and low screws?
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    id love a gx31 copy carb for my fourbanger.

    unfortunately i have an abundance of 2stroke carbs , and have to modify them :(

    i dont think you can get jets, without buying a rebuild which is strangely, $45 :jester:

    dont quote me on that... ;)

    this is one of those times you wish you hadnt thrown that weedwacker out :p
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    are you sure you need a leaner jet?
    normally if an engine looses "ummph" on the top end, is bogging and won't rev, like it should at w.o.t. it's because it's too lean.
    why not invest in some timy drill bits, and some silver solder and fill / re-drill your original jet?
    just a thought.
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    i know where to get the stock ones! i need a part number for a leaner jet or ill trade this four stroke carb and two wyj219s for a wyk194 . i cant find anyone who knows what im talking about. and yes im sure its rich up top the carb on it has a low adjustment in the barrel valve but the only way to change top end is to change jets ive got a .357 in it and thats the leanest jet i have. the carb came with a .45 and it was so, if i full throttle itll only revv to maybe 7000rpm, but keep in mind the torque has doubled since my mods. but if i shut the fuel valve i put in the line it revvs out untill the fuel is burnt up and im talking 11000rpm or so! thats huge!
  7. dchevygod

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    im sure its rich cause if i put in the .45 "stock" its worse up top but better in the low rpms than the .357 "out of a gz25"
    i may have to make one of the .45 jets I have a tiny lil one. ill try .3mm first and go from there
  8. dchevygod

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    ill try and post a video of how the gz25n23 is acting with the stock jet in a gx31 carb. its actually really torquey compared too stock i just need it too revv!
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    I'm with motorpsycho on this. I bought a pin vise at a RC hobby store with a selection of drill bits for under $20 and never had to buy another jet. I find that ordinary rosin core solder works fine.

    I find what size drill bit fits the stock jet. I've always had to go leaner so I pick the next smaller size drill bit. I put a tiny piece of rosin core solder in the jet and heat the jet with a butane torch lighter until the solder melts and flows into the hole. Then I drill a hole through the solder with the pin vise and drill bit. Install the jet and test ride. If still too rich repeat with the next smaller drill bit. It's quick, easy, inexpensive and works great.
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