Will I need to modify my CDI if I get a NGK B6HS?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by StrontiumEthics, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. StrontiumEthics

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    Will I need to modify my CDI if I get a NGK B6HS? Like Change anything like the sparkplug cap or anything of that nature?

  2. Ghost0

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    You should not have to modify anything but you will need to remove the screw on tip at the top of the spark plug. The stock plug wire uses a bare plug top and most modern ones use the threaded on top piece. I recommend you replace your plug wire anyway with a 7mm silicone wire and boot. I also recommend a resistor wire instead of a copper core. No difference in performance, large difference in price and the copper core wires will play havoc with your electronic speedometer if you have one.
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    Yep, there is an adjustment screw underneath the top of the CDI, about 1/2 millimiter under the plastic covering. Once you find it, turn the tiny screw 1/2turn for every 2 thousands of an inch gap used to gap the plug. That should set things up just perfectly. Few have knowledge of this screw and may convince you that it doesn't exist but don't listen to them. They don't want you to discover their secrets for doubling the power of a HT engine.


    Since a new plug can offset the dynamic equilibrium of the engine, its important to repack the muffler bearings with heavier weight grease to prevent harmonic oscillations that, if allowed to, can resonate and cause premature sterility and erectile dysfunction-only with a non-gel seat. The higher electromotive foce (EMF) emitted by the CDI in order to product sufficent electrical energy to spark the plug may emit more harmful gamma and beta waves. Lead shielding of your nether regions should be considered to limit microwaving your testicles.

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    Because a new plug soaks up more current than an chinese plugs, its essential to install rare earth magnets on the CDI and a toroid core choke on the spark plug line. Rare earth magnets on the fuel intake can also align the molecules in a certain way so that the plug can efficiently ignite the air fuel mixture.

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    oh come on, shoulda stopped at sip sip. last time I checked there's no iron in our fuel and therefore nothing to polarize. is the Turbonator for the air intake next?

    install the new plug (.022-.025), new wire, stock boot if desired, coat top of plug with diaelectric silicon grease and pop it on....and go...
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    ignore the above two posts! Nope theres no need to modify your CD whatoever, however I would also recommend upgrading your spark plug wire and just to make the most out of the new plug heres a thread about it: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=3981&highlight=7mm+copper+core

    Dont forget that on the spark plug the little nipple thing comes straight off, and then it will fit in your boot. This will save you lots of time staring at it wondering why it wont fit!

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    Darn moderators, other forums let us have fun. There was no way the OP could not have known I was joking.
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    yeah alright skyliner, I was joking around, if I was really bothered then I would have deleted them.