004 4 stroke 4G shift kit

004 4 stroke 4G shift kit

Motomagz, that bike's sweet!! I'm having trouble finding a vendor that sells the 4G belt drive that'll work with SBP 4 stroke shift kit. Jim at SBP's told me that there's 2 different 4G belt drives, one that'll work with their shift kit and one that won't... where did you find yours..Thanx...Mark
Hey Mark this is the 5/8 shaft kit for the Honda or HS.Not the kit with the clutch pack on the motor.This one is from Bicyle-Engines.com.I think they have the 4g gearbox not the whole kit.It is the one that comes with a clutch and is about 139 bucks.
Thanx so much for the info, sorry for not responding sooner...Saving up to build one maybe in June...I guess I might as well buy the honda engine. Thank you for your help...Mark P.S. I love the no bull mechanical look of your bike...how fast is it? I start getten nervous over 30mph!!

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