1000watt Cyclone Crusier 100m accelration test Vid

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    G'day Folks...

    My good mate has put together a balltearer of an electric, unfortunately he doesn't have a great deal of time to be involved in the online forum due to family and work commitments so those not a member on Endless Sphere will have missed out on this magnificent custom built bike.

    A thread on ES has been created to give members a data base of performance from different configs ie. Hubs v's non hub v's rc etc in all possible configurations. This thread requires members to mark out a 100 meter section on flat road and time their bike (from a stand still NO pedal assist) across this distance. To date the best time is a tad under 7seconds, done using dual HXT Outruner RC motors and lipo combo a 17hp MONSTER...

    I bring to you Matts 100m video


    To put this time into perspective v's the record creating bike, Matt used ONE 1000watt motor NOT two 7000watt motors as per the record holders outfit with a 35amp max speed controller (soon to be upgraded to a higher spec Kelly WOOT.... lookout Luke LoL) Not 2 150ampo max controllers that for memory were pulling in the vicinity of 300amp if i recall correctly along with half a dozen high end lipo batteries capable of providing the mojo with minimal to no voltage sag.

    One fantastic looking bike, one **** fast bike, its TOTALLY SILENT nill chain noise usies a belt drive system through a nexus 3 speed to top it off it is one dam fine constructed and finished custom bicycles.


    1000watt Cyclone Brushless Motor
    Cyclon 48v 35amp Max speed controller
    Headway Lifep04 48v 20ah batteries
    3 speed Nexus hub
    front and rear hydraulic disks.
    Top speed (geared to) 60km/hr
    Crusie speed 45km/hr
    Range 60km @ 45km/hr

    Was AWSOME catching up for a ride today was EXCELLENT timing we have curb side collection this week and the verges were packed, we covered a very slow ~8km picking up booty and pilling on the back of my trike tray and wheelchair LoL...Matt scored a nice higher end 1980's ish higher end Road Racing bike (be seeing more of that soon i predict) I nabbed a digital setup box (working) Philips slimline dvd player (working) old p4 pc (working) To add to Assorted metal plate and tubing OH couple of LCD panelled landline phones (NEW STILL IN BOX!!!) the pc desk i scored Friday sold today for 100 bucks ;-)

    Anyway, hope you fellas find the vid of interest, i thoroughly enjoyed the few hours we were out riding and look forward to many more jaunts in the near future... im still shaking my head at how silent Matts bike is :: shakes head in bewilderment:: i thought my trike was quiet sounds like a train compared to Matts cruiser LoL

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    1000Watt Cruiser HiLL Climb Video

    Second Video shows the hill climbing ability of Matts cruiser, at this stage of the ride my trike literally had smoke coming from the motor (check my youtube videos or Endless Sphere thread for video LoL) It was a blessing in disguise though it gives you all an indication of the hills i deal with where i live.


    Matt hit the bottom at ~50km/hr pulling over the top at an impressive 31km/hr!

    Good stuff buddy :)

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    Was that the FrankG motor?

    My feeling about the commutators on the Unite is that they can handle high loads for a while if you limit the time. So things like a strong burnout are okay. But it's the sustained power building up heat over time that causes the commutators to fall apart. Also, it seems like if you break the motor in over a really, really long time at lower power that the commutators sort of settle into a state where they are more reliable. Sometimes you just get a better chunk of glue holding it together.

    It's very unpredictable as to when they fail. (it's very frustrating)

    Cyclones are good. They are a good solution.
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    Nope Nope Nope Safe your done your dash with me now to pal p i s s ing Recumpence off was the last straw for me he does more for e-bike advancement in one breath than you have managed in 3 years. I'm siding with Matt for the greater good ....Please refrain from posting in ANY of my threads also Safe your input isn't needed, wanted or appreciated..

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    Wow - thats a nice setup! I like the belt drive rather than chain, looks like the reduction is far better than the stock cyclone setup.

    Rubbish collections are great, I scored myself a 42" plasma complete with remote (it had dry caps in the power supply) and a Dyson DC35(?) cyclone vacuum cleaner with a crook power plug...
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    Yes heath Matts cruiser is bloody nice mate very proffesional outfit. The drive setup is superbe, Matt has fasten the rear drive pulley onto the "standard" nexus 3 speed sprocket" thus he now has 3 speed setup. As is the perfromance is more than adequate as can be seen in the videos, i think we will see Matt buckling and picking up a Kelly speed controller though, something with s 200amp limit so he can use the 10c the Headway cells are rated for, if he starts pulling 100plus amps at launch i would put money on him getting into the high 7s for the 100m run, the first 10-20 feet the bike will beneift from mega amps, problem Matt would have then though obviously is keeping the front wheel on the ground...Thats said, as is it is more than adequate 60km/h top speeds and 60km range is pretty **** impressive all in total silence ;-)

    Rubbish collection ROCKS up where i live, im in quite a wealthy suburb and some of the gear thats turfed is mind boggling...I sold a PC desk i scored Friday 200 meters from my house for 100 bucks that night (was picked up yesterday arvo) I picked up a P4 PC yesterdsy just finished blowing that out swapping in some extra ram from another roadside pc booting it, tiz half way through XP instal now do for a workshop pc to run my CNC mill...Off again in 30 or so for another scavenge hehehe...

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    Hmm... Sounds like a case to up grade the shunt, and run more mosfets :)