32cc Craftsman...1st project starts!!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by victoreperez, Apr 23, 2008.

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    well...this 'll be the probably ups & downs of my first project ever...i have a 32 cc craftman retired from a weedeater...it has a centrifugal automatic clutch and it has not run for a while...just purchased a carb kit (metering needle, diafragm, gaskets & a couple of screws). I have good spark and compression so I hope the carb will get it to run again. After lots of reading I decided on an over rear wheel setup, belt driven system, similar to a GEBE. That's the plan...still a lot of details to work out. My intention 'll be to use an smaller bicycle wheel without spokes in place of the plastic ring of the GEBE system but I'm not sure how to attached to the rear wheel yet. I know they sale the plastic ring that snaps in place but I'll try first to do it all with the used stuff I have at hand. If any of you have done it and can advise it will be much appreciated. I'll be using a Mongoose Mountain Bike that was picked up from "garbage bulk day" and have seen better days. I'll be attaching some pictures as the project develops and I'm looking forward to any sugestion you may have. Thanks to all of you that have been so encouraging!!

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    I'd love to see what you can come up with for the GEBE "wannabe". I'm buying a GEBE kit sooner or later, but your experience could help me choose another route.

    Keep us posted!
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    Are you still doing this project? if you are i may have some ideas.
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    MasterChief YES... IT LOOKS THAT it COULD WORK!!

    Yes...just started it this week!! and after putting some new parts to the carb actually is running!! I will have to adjust the low & high needles on the old walbro but it actually fired up and run for a few minutes...jajajaj I'm so excited the wife don't know what's going on!!. Master chief..if you have some ideas you are VERY WELCOME to share them!! I don't have an idea how to conect an smaller bicycle or jogging stroller's wheel to my rear wheel, which is my intention, but I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks for the offering & I'm looking forward to hear them!!
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    Motor Running..need Ideas For The Drive

    After I found some time to play with the motor after I put the carb together I'm happy to say that is running pretty decent! It took me a while to set h & L needles but finally i got it. Unfortunally this is an old model and the carb don't have a priming bulb but ther engine pops with full choke after 6 or 7 pulls and then 1 or 2 pulls half choke get it running. The carb kit didn't have mix needles which I didn't know but is running!!! Now is time to tinker how to affix an smaller wheel (maybe from one of those jogger's tricycle or an smaller bicycle) to my rear wheel. If anybody has any ideas they will be welcome.
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    Good link, Groucho!!

    Thanks...good view to get some ideas . Specially the mounting hardware which will help me a lot!!
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    I like MasterChief

    hey, that sounds good enough to try!! The holes on the "ring" wheel will have to be at a slight angle to match the angle of the rear wheel spokes. This set up would have the driving belt touching the spokes on one side of the belt...just barely...you think that will cause any damage to it? maybe I could wrap that part of the spokes with some rubber material after is attached. I like it. My idea was to indent the inside wall of the smaller wheel where the spokes would meet it and actually solder each spoke to the indentation!! I like your idea better because the holes are already made with the right spacing built into it. So it's time to start looking for the right size wheel now! Thanks for the idea and keep them coming!!
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    Back on th project

    After getting my 70 cc from boygofast, installation and riding to work (3 miles each way) for two weeks, I'm getting back to my original project. The motor is running pretty decent and this weekend i will install it on a homemade rack (wood & pipes)..I'm still looking at ways to connect the motor to the rear wheel and it looks that I will try to use the largest chainring from an older bicycle I have on the rear wheel and I will try to use the smallest sprocket I can find from some old parts. Let' see if I can get all those parts to actually work with each other! Will post again once i have something going...in the mean time I'm enjoying the 70 CC!!!
  10. If I understand your post, you are going to use the existing bike chain? Will the engine be above the wheel? If the engine is forward of the wheel, you can make a chain tensioner from an old derailuer and muffler clamps. I don't know haw well it would work if the engine is above.
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    Hi there, I also have a 32cc Craftsman that I'm planning to build up so I am very interested in this discussion. Good luck and keep us posted!! When I start my project I'll start a simialr thread as well...
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    to jackofalltrades

    no, i won't be usin the bike's chain...i'll be usin a automotive belr from the motor to the "ring" that will be attached to rear wheel. Similar to GEBE but using an old 22" or 20" inchs wheel without spokes, just the rim & nothing else. I attached at crude drawing to show this...I hope I did it right!!!