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6:38 AM
Sep 4, 2022
New Jersey
Hi guys,

I’m wrapping up my bike project (finally). And it’s coming down to just my tuning. Basically I have a general idea why the bike runs bad on the middle to top. But the age old issue of not idling still plagues me to this day even after my cross talk issue was fixed. It will stay around 2.5k to 3k rpm for a few seconds and just randomly drop rpm and die.I’ve attached a video of the bike running warm in its current state both with and without choke. First half of the video it the bike running without choke and around 40ish seconds choke is turned on and the mid power of the bike sounds great but wot 4 strokes. My current jets are 35 (from 30), middle clip for needle, and 90 for main jet, 21mm pwk, g2 reed. Any help is appreciated. Also could my cdi be a problem? I have the bbr stage 2 cdi and I don’t know if it’s idle rpm should be different than regular cdis. Thanks!

Here’s the video: