80cc Bullet Train(BT) has electric start and a recoil starter,need wiring color code to run lights


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Aug 23, 2021
The 80cc Bullet Train(BT) electric start engine with a recoil starter on the left side is the Cadillac engine for 2 stroke GasBikes shown here-https://www.ebay.com/p/10021708581, but the search bar dont help on the 80cc Bullet Train engine wiring to add lights into the circuit to show which color wires are spliced into,so the headlight,a backlight,and an additional turn signal relay flasher can be used,Heyyy,the Bullet Train 80cc is a HONKING BIG 80cc Wiiiiiiiiiiide gasbike engine with electrical lighting potential to build a small street legal motorcycle! I'm hoping to add in a vintage 1960's to 70's appearance scooter/motorcyle chromed switch controls like this as seen in link below...Happy Days Fonzie would have enjoyed that motorbike chrome *real metal* non plastic switch controls:cool:

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The brake light is easy enough, the green/yellow and black wires coming from the stand alone switch. If you pop the bottom off the handle the rest should be easy to solve. Usually the green or yellow runs the starter, I just forget which right now.