A hybrid KIT to hit the market?



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Wow! This is very cool. All they need now is a controller that automatically switches between them as necessary.

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You would think with all that as a rack mount you can get a CVT in between. Then with a freewheel sprocket and just one battery for the engine will keep that puppy charged up you have an epic win of a bike you can still pedal with very little drag.
I would assume the A/C part is for getting up to speed till the engine can take over at 1/4 throttle. With high gearing that 1/4 throttle could equal 20 mph or more.


The staton gearbox is made up of 3 gears to achieve the 18:1 reduction on the output shaft that has the freewheel attached. By the looks of it the engine and the motor would have the same reduction as they are probably both driving the same first gear in the system. If done properly this would give the user the option of all IC engine power, all motor power or both at the same time through the NuVinci hub (plus pedal power of course.) This thing would be able to really climb anything and accelerate at great speed. The fact that the engine will be spinning the motor at 3000+ rpm would also mean almost no charging of the batteries would be needed unless they were used heavily on bike trails or whatever. This also gives the added bonus of a self sustaining full electrical lighting and accessory setup. The only features this setup will lack are regenerative braking since the NV hub freewheels and an electric start engine. Pedaling is already optional with decent acceleration on my setup, I couldn't imagine how much arse this thing will haul.


Seem like a solution looking for a problem,a 35 cc engine is not expensive to run and if you want to save the environment,clean up the engine first !.Teaming it up with an electric motor would give you a bit more top speed,but you add a lot of weight esp if you also use a NV hub.It would make a tiny bit of sense sense if you had regenerative braking.Light batteries (LI-ion) with enough capacity are quite expensive and are tricky to charge,while lead acid batteries are have a lousy stored power/weight ratio.The only useful application for this type gearbox is that you could drive a generator (10/50 ) watts for the electrics.It's going to be expensive as **** and a real boat anchor. Only daft greenies with more money than sense would fall for it.


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Apr 17, 2008
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This may be a good solution to maximizing what we have now. Use some gas but not as much, have a solid recharge system built into the motor/engine, and be a little more self sufficient. We have to start some where and I will start saving my pennies to get one. I already am sold on the NuVinci hubs as an improvement.