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    Hey guy's,

    I've copied this question from my thread (here: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=26105&page=2) because the title seems to be misleading people into not reading it. Wish you could rename threads!

    Hm, ok update:

    The other day, we had a storm so severe it was called a 'natural disaster' (our roof at work even caved in while I was working!). This came on in about 20 minutes and passed in about 2 hours, while I was at work, so I couldn't do anything. Prior it was sunny and fine.

    Now, both the fuel and the bike were at the very least outside, at the very worst, the fuel cap wasn't properly on, or the engine was directly in the rain.

    My question is, does this seem symptomatic of water in the; fuel, carb, cylanders or gas tank? And if so, which is most likely, and how do I fix this?



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    Mike, I saw your other posts, but have been too busy f...ing with my charging system. (It's coming along great).

    Regarding the fuel tank, pull the hose off the carb and run some fuel from the tank into a clear jar/glass. Any water will be at the bottom of the tank and evident in the jar.

    Pull the carb off and clean it.

    Fuel can won't have water in it, unless you left the cap off or loose.

    Cylinder etc won't have water in it.

    Most likely thing, if the water caused your problem, is the electrics.
    Have you tested for spark yet? That should be first, then, if there's no spark:-
    First pull off the magneto cover and check for moisture. A hair dryer or leaving it in the sun should dry that out, unless there's damage, but there shouldn't be.

    Water/moisture around your wire joints to the CDI etc could also possibly be the cause. Ensure that everything is well dried out and try again.

    I'll copy this into the other thread. Probably best to stick to that one:-
    Advice for a possible rebuild........
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    "Wish you could rename threads!"

    you can...just click "edit" at the bottom of your post, highlight the text in your title bar a the top, and re-type it.