Adelaide-TOPGUN 70cc At Glenelg

Crisp & shinning 70cc- TopGun -Flight.
Man this is it on a day like that.

Nice ride.

Is that a 26" frame if so looking at the height of that seat... man you must be tall :eek: :D
Hi- go you good thing .

Thanx .
No not a 26", but a 19.5" approx,

Yeah i'm 6ft 4" tall, but have NEVER fell for the big type frame , i like the smaller size (easier to maneuver, & generally chuck around corners & the like)

Regards djase10 :cool:
very clean & tough looking motoredbike...but my legs hurt just from looking at that dinky lil thing :p

i'm 6'5" and had to stretch my already large (22") frame by 16" before i had a comfortable ride, i dunno how you do it :LOL:
Heres another view

Hi again To all on these pages.

Heres another view, this was taken from the other side,
With the Patawalonga lake in the back round .
Twas a beautiful day that !

djase10...2 things, and good info for everyone...

1) go into your profile and tick "always allow BBcode" to "yes"

2)for the nicest looking post, make sure each has it's own separate line of text before you click "submit"

(in the above post you can go into "edit" and uncheck "disable BBcode in this post" to display your images)

again, nice looking motoredbike 8)
Hey Jase is that a golf course I can see in the far distance? :D

Do you go off road with the mountian bike?

I have a cruiser that I only take on the road but I'm into motocross so I am thinking of building a dirt bike.

Not that I would take it on an mx track but I have the Christies Creek trail near me and I drove past it the other day thinking I'd like to do that trail :D

Have you been on any tracks around Adelaide?