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This is my bike i swore i wouldn't motorize it but after much thought and harassment from friends i caved. But instead of going electric or one of them 2 stroke putt putts i chose a predator 79cc 4 stroke. The motor came with a gokart clutch and jackshaft plate but i wasnt happy with the clutch as it was very sluggish and seemed to need to many rpms to get up to a decent speed with my fat ass on the bike. So i upgraded to a comet 30 ctv torque setup with a chain driving the rear wheel. Turns...
Still my same bike but my first thread is so old and it's come quite a ways since I first put it together, so I wanted to start over with a clean fresh new thread. Here's my current build, based on a 1997 Gary Fisher Mamba. Here's how she used to look: And here's what started the change: After this happened, one thing led to another, and, she is. PARTS LIST: Engine -66cc China Girl --No-name billet head --No-name MZ65 replica --DIO reed valve --19mm OKO carburetor...
Is the new build this one will be much better am determined
Just a temporary build. Minarelli hybrid with Athena Sport 70 top end. It's fast running just over 60 mph on 10/36 with 27" tires (26x2.5 Hookworms are about 27.25" tall). Swapping the vm20 for a Tilloston clone when the return springs get here. Not my favorite bike lol.
Hey guys.. Been a member here for a little while, have done mostly reading and not a lot of posting, but i figured i'd join this section and post a picture of my bike! I built it in the spring of 2017. The bike is a Genesis GX7, 7 speed with 29 inch tires, purchased from The engine is a Huasheng 49cc, which came with a kit from, but once i learned the transmission was complete crap, i immediately upgraded to the Q-matic from the EZMotorbike company. 60 tooth...
Just got this new addition to the harem. Like new Phantom Gray Ghost. Dude had it left to him. He couldn't get it to run right. Took it to a lawn mower shop and they told him it had a flat cam. Sounded like a carb issue to me. He wanted 1100 but since he couldn't get it to run he dropped to 650. I offered 500 and he took it. Swapped the stock carb for a NT and it runs like aq top. So anyone know where I can find brake shoes for this hub?
I started 1 of my new bike builds yesterday. I should be riding again by this weekend. (y)(y).
Is trail full suspension mountain bike I got from my neighbor cheep as was left to sit outside for many years I took all apart cleaned and painted best I could to restore like new condition bought new lights,lock air pump then but 2x3 fat tire on back, it's in the process but am building this into a motor bike from scrap Briggs straton lawnmower am building rear bike rack for engine and making pulley for belt clutch so far so good I hope to paint and put bigger tire on front to plus get...
Well it’s built, first 1400 takes it. This is my new job I’m not going to sell something that is not legit.
I still have a few things to do but so far it is going fast. Thought I would show it off well doing maintenance What do you guys think would look good on it? And yes it will be cleaned soon
Well it’s built, first 1400 takes it. This is my new job I’m not going to sell something that is not legit.
thanks for all your help with this forum helped a lot with my bike build
I just finished my first build. I ran into some road blocks but here is the fruit of my labor. I haven’t been able to start it yet because of the temperature outside being sub 0 for a few days. I have a brake cable that was directly underneath the gas tank so I sheathed it with some firm aquarium tubing. It seems to be fine Imgur link with photo


Has anyone tried an experimental method with ram air
Been working on this bike for a little while now put in a bent springer fork I didn’t want to cut threaded forks so I added some spacers and a shorter BMX stem really loLowered And I installed some really tall ape hangers I’ve been trying to strip off the old paint And been restoring small parts here and there Some engine work too but not ready for an install
my schwinn stingray chopper is finished got rid of tht chinese 49 cc crappo motor n got a 79 cc predator + cvt first image is the el cheapo motor 2nd is the predator
Photos of my first build. Already thinking about the next one.
I have built a 66/80 chinagirl from a kit and a Predator 79cc 26" bike. Now I want to build a 212cc Hemi based bike. so, here are some of the first photos of the build.