First 4 Stroke custom build

I decided to try a motorized bicycle project, first time using a "kit" off the interweb. I ordered a 49cc 4 Stroke Kit and started looking for a decent bike, eventually found a salvaged 'Electra" ladies bike. I cut the crossbar and reversed it, then welded it in so it looks like a men's bike. I tried various ideas, some good some bad and without the best inspiration, which I get from checking out builds on this forum, it would'nt have been possible.
I wanted a cleaner looks and figured a way to run the wiring system inside the frame, a number of the "Kit" parts were replaced or changed. All the lights work, turn, brake dim/brights and a moped horn, all powered by a small power bank/phone charger. The 'rattle can' paint job is not perfect but good enough. There are still things to make/improve before I call it done. Thanks.
You're certainly a good welder. Bigger gas tank,

|Get a 4G reduction box and make a manual shifter|

Option 1)
3 or 5 speed IGH jackshaft transmission

Option 2)
Shift kit to power rear derailleur or rear IGH

|For fully automatic|

CVT to jackshaft

If you're a large person and have steep hills you're going to need gears.
A small gas tank denotes fuel efficiency but in this case proportionally a larger one would fit the aesthetic better.

Really nice bike btw!
Many think 4 stroke, I can just pull into a gas station and fill up. Unfortunately most towns may only have a very few stations that sell ethanol-free gas.

The good thing about ethanol-free gas is the shelf life it has if kept in an air tight container. My 5 quart tank allows me to ride a long way before needing more. I tend to fill a 5 gallon gas container up twice a year that runs my bike and all of my lawn equipment.