Chopper 4 stroke build. Brakes?

What diameter is your front fork down tubes? 1"? 1⅛? Let me know I might have a cheap solution that will be sturdy enough for the front rim brake.
Does this wheel have the space for a disk brake?


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Well I've been also looking to replace the front wheel all together to one with disc brake hub. Would be the easiest. Or just getting a hub and redoing all the spokes idk yet. Still looking if I can somehow make that bracket 🤔 . Could change the forks. I'll see if I can go to hardware store tomorrow to see if I can fabricate a bracket for a u brake.
Did you read posts 14 and 23 in the thread I posted a link to
See if you can find some roll bar clamps when you go to town. Like the chrome ones preferably but the black ones would work 2.