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100cc Chinese

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Oct 4, 2023
Hi, I’m running a 100cc Chinese 4 stroke kit and really struggling. The clutch burnt-up and the engine started shaking really bad. It has always knocked and ticked since new, but I’m thinking it’s basically done. It appears to be the same engine as the Predator 79cc engine you can buy on Harbor Freight. My question is, does anyone have experience with this kit? What transmission options are out there for the Predator 79cc? If I could buy a better transmission that fits the Predator 79cc, I’d just buy the trans and engine and start over. The rest of the kit seems to be well made. Thanks!

Here’s a pic of the set-up


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I wouldn't be so quick as to toss it all away and start over when a better quality clutch might be the answer to your frustration. First take the cover off the trans and remove the clutch. Seperate the clutch bell and take some pics for us, and also take a few of the trany. I have not seen one like this. Is it a GruBee made for a Predator? Start the engine now with the trany disconnected and see if the shaking still persists. I bet it runs fine. If not, can you better discribe what's happening?
As far as the ticking & running rough is due your valve adjustment. I would bet it was off a bit from the factory. Seen it a number of times. It probably needs a valve adjustment.