Advice for using a motorbike as primary transportation in boston

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    So, I'm starting at Mass Art in september, and plan as using a MB as my primary means of transport.

    Now, anyone else from Boston have advice for using a MB in the city? Should you act like a bicycle most of the time, act like a scooter, a car? Stick with larger roads, or smaller ones?

    Also, since mass art is on the green line, which doesn't allow bikes, what is the best way by road to get from Mass Art (fenway area, by Northeastern, Wentworth, Museum of Fine Art, Beth Israel hospital, etc) to Harvard Square, and the best way to get to rose warf (near south station, chinatown, ect...)

    Also, any of you have experience putting MBs on bus bike racks? Do they usually let you? Do you need extra bungee cords?

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    In general, ride like a bicycle. If I want to leave the protection of the bike lane, I'll get a Buell.
    Seriously, I prefer roads with slower speed limits, like the ones that pass through school zones. Avoid construction zones (it's almost impossible).
    LED lights make you more visible during rush hour as the sun gets lower.
    In AZ, motorized bikes can NOT use the rack on the bus (due to the gasoline. I don't know about elec bikes)
    Good Luck.
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    I live 5 minutes from Boston and I have been riding my mb since the start of the summer. I just submitted this post for a ride this weekend if your interested:

    Anyway...back to your question....
    Here is some advice:
    1) Never leave your mb locked outside. It will be stolen or vandalized - especially in the areas your talking about. Due to all the colleges around Boston and the kids with new bikes and rural street sense, Boston is a prime area for bicycle theft. I suggest at least two good locks and a cable (that is what I have) if you must lock it outside.

    2) Think of yourself as a moped because that's how we're classified in Boston. If your bike is fast enough to keep up with traffic, take the lane. My bike goes 35mph on flat roads and often times that's plenty fast enough to keep up with or pass traffic on the busy streets of Boston. If the road allows room for faster speeds for cars, take the shoulder and ride with the other bikers. Boston has some bike lanes which are perfectly legal to ride a mb in.
    I use both depending on the situation and I always pass on the right (also legal as a mber in Boston).

    3) Get a dot helmet and a moped sticker from the registry of motor vehicles. The stickers are super easy to get and cheap too. The sticker will save your butt if you get pulled over and the helmet will save your skull if you get taken out by one of the many Ma$$holes on the road or pulled over by the cops (both are required).

    4) Beware of potholes. My throttle has one speed (all the way open) so potholes are a real fear of mine. Hit one going 35 mph and your in a world of hurt. I'm just waiting for my day to come along.

    5) As for putting the bike on the train. I dobut they would allow it but I'm not sure. You can call and ask them (617) 222-5000‎. It's a short ride from Mass Art to harvard Sq. Just ride up Huntington to mass Ave and take a left and take Mass Ave the whole way into Harvard Sq.

    Directions from there to South could probably take Huntington all the way past mass ave to stuart st. and make your way over to Summer st from there. It would be easier for you to mapquest it rather than for me to explain it. It's not hard though.

    Good luck!

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