An Affordable Bicycle Light $28.59

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Stoltzee, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Crikey, $28.59 for a 1200 lumen light is nothing short of dirt cheap.

    You could purchase 10 of them for the same price as a top dollar brand name light of the same lumen output.
  3. Stoltzee

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    I thought it would be more convenient and cheaper than the portable drill battery thing plus all the manufacturing. I just thought I'd share a resource with the forum, but then again it could just be my OCD flaring up.

    I know not everyone has the same resources, and/or tenacity for designing and manufacturing things, or sometimes a place to work out of, so I I like to give a little support with resourcing. It's actually part of my real job too.

    A guy could go to a store and purchase a "Green Dot Money Card (any amount), and then open a "Pay Pal" account to make purchase's.
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    Perhaps I missed it on the link, but does anyone know what voltage it uses?
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    It doesn't Old Sgt. Just watts and Ah's.
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    would this light be ok to pass a road inspection for the bike ??