DIY brake light lever activation switch


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Jul 13, 2021
I have had 3 different smart brake, taillight, turnsignal modules. they work really well for a taillight and turnsinal. however you dont notice that your brake light is always activating. it wasnt until my brother rode my bike that i noticed the brakelight was flickering every 5to10 seconds. The reason is because they were made for bicyles. the vibration that is caused by our motors transfers through the frame and into the accelerometer of the smart brake light. so it is always tripping the sensor. so i eliminated my smart brake light. i just wired up a red led strip to a switch and 12v rechargeable battery. but thats just a running light.

Im now adding a second red led strip just under the running tail light. this light will be hooked to the same 12v supply but the negative wire I am running through a refrigerator light switch. when the light switch is pressed in the power is off when its released the power is on. so this is what I did.

on the bottom of my brake lever( you can also do it on the sides). with the lever ziptied as if brakes were applied I JB welded the switch to the brake lever housing. making sure the button was facing twards the bottom of the lever. I then drilled a hole in the bottom of the lever and jb welded a small bolt with a nylon head into that hole.

After the jb weld dries i can wire up the rest and bam. when the lever is not being used the bolt is pressing the button on the switch. the pressure is kept their via the spring inside your brake lever. As soon as i apply pressure to the lever and pull back just a few mm the refrigerator switch activates the second red led strip i have. Accurately warning others that i have applied my brakes.
Nicely done and conceived.

but I found it much easier to buy a brake light lever with a built-in switch for bake light. Then use a dual filament brake light (trailer etc) and then you have a single tail and brake light actuated by the regular lever with switch. If you only have a one filament light, you can switch OUT a resister to have the light dimmer as running light and brighter as brake light as you switch out the resister. That is what I did on the custome light panel on Risky's Ride.

On my Motoped, I did not want to alter the stock hydraulic brakes/ lever, so I used a magnetic proximity switch much in the same manner as you did but with a recycled window alarm magnetic sensor and magnet.
I did mine using the switch from a clothes dryer door


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Nice build, Urban Fatbiker!! You put some serious thought and TLC into that bike-Gearhead437