Buzzbike gets a makeover for 2024!




Lotsa new stuff.
New (NEW!) wheels. I replaced the rear QR axle with a solid axle.
Disc brakes.
Metal idler and derailleur pulley sprockets with bearings
New throttle and shorter cable
New rear rack

A whole pile of USB lights chucked.

A new light systen with onboard 12V lithium battery. Triple brake lights on rear. 15W RoadShock flood on front. Mini bullet lights with lenses I added to make 360° visible.

Pictures after a battery test running hazard flashers for 3 hours,,dropped 0.2 volts off full 12.6V charge. A voltage display is on top of the black box, charge port and power switch on side, fused inside.

The battery is 3s2p 5800mah. I can charge it with a solar panel but it appears I'll have plenty of range for normal riding using no lights except turn signals and brakes.

Ready To Roll.
I used my motorbike as a parking lot runner today, wife had a doc appt. There’s no way I can drop her, park close and walk back, and she wanted me with her.

With the bike I park way away from the chaos, ride back in and lock it outside the doors.
And everywhere I went, it’s like they haven’t seen a motorbike.

When I walked out with my wife, I pedaled away then kicked it, she hears some old man go ‘that thing has a motor’. Then at the corner some workers carrying on and said the university police will get me. I pedaled away clutch in, revving the engine, said “for this? It’s a bicycle with a noisemaker that’s all” they laughed a lot. At the next light had to tell a guy I built it myself, he said I should sell them. I said ‘geez I’d have to charge $1500’ he says I’d buy it for that!

When me and wife passed the same light 10 minutes later he yells at her ‘tell him I’d buy that’ now she thinks I should sell one, thanks a lot dude 🙄😂