Atlantic Coast Cruiser by Worksman

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    Has anyone had any experience or info about the Atlantic Coast Cruisers sold by Worksman. I would love to have a Worksman and install a motor but cost may be prohibitive, so....I was looking at their imported bike. Looks like a decent bike and several online stores say they are popular as rental bikes because they hold up well but they need to carry my 6'2" and <300lb frame. Any thoughts guys.......

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    The heavy duty "rental" bike is called the Atlas, available through the J&B catalog at your nearest bike shop. You could really beef up that bike, and still come out ahead versus the Worksman.

    All the stress is on the back wheel and tire
    , no matter what you weigh, that's where you want to concentrate.

    We had a forum member with similar concerns last year, (? Big Roy ?) he (and many others) contacted "the wheelmaster", up in Washington State, to lace him a super-heavy duty rear wheel.

    Here is his, and serious MB.ers will vouch for his work and the superior quality of his product :

    It is a great idea, on a single speed, to add front brakes before motorizing. This is YOUR vehicle, and coaster brakes by themselves just don't cut the mustard.

    Purchasing that Atlas through a bike shop gives you access to add ons, like wide saddles, shock absorber seat posts, thornproof tubes, etc.
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    Great info

    Thanks for all the great info....