axle sprocket kit

Karl Snarl

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Sep 20, 2019
Chunky Monkey Mole Hole
Do you use just regular flat washers? I was under the impression I had to use those thin axle nut things as spacers. Washers would be much easier!
Depending on how much I need, I'll use a regular flat washer for thicker and a rim bushing for thinner ( they may call them axle spacers in bike the bike world). If I need a lot, I'll use hardened stainless tube cut to the right length. Usually a washer or two is plenty though.


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Nov 28, 2021
so my chain exploded after derailing for the 10th time yesterday miles from home because my rear sprocket wasnt correctly aligned with the engine one i decided that im fed up with this rubber mounted sprocket that keeps getting loose and derailing and i decided to look for a new way to transmit power to the rear wheel, i first looked into shift kits but they are just too expensive and seem like a hassle so i was browsing bicycle and came across this, does anyone run that ? was it easy to install ? and does it require a lot of maintenance ? they also sell a solid version of this which could be nice but i kinda want to be able to pedal the bike without having the extra noise and friction so i dont think ill take that, thanks in advance for the anwsers
You know you have to spoke your own wheel with that kit then true it. Seems like there would be other options. Have you tried a hub adapter that fits your hub tight? Check out this place for more ideas...
Also maybe its time for a better rear wheel? The same place sells those or try CDHpower or Grubee has a entire rear wheel setup with sprocket and disc brake ready if you choose...