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    I plead the mercy of the moderator's here. This post would have made several great (other postings) but I don't have time!

    I set out on a mission to make my own saddle bags. In the spirit of Goatwoods, I agree stuff in the spokes ain't good when ridding.

    I suffered a failed attempt at lamminating wooden boxes with mat and resin fiberglass. The resin didn't get along with the hot glue I used to secure the wooden box's together! 20hrs wasted! I hate to loose!

    I did however stumble across an idea that, I can't wait to see what get's done with! The implications are huge because I have yet to see an exaust clamp smaller than 1/2. However I doubt it will win me the nobel MB'r award against possenti's tanks and LF's clutch mod! LOL! Great work guy's!

    The tiny clamps I fabricated are made from 3/16 cable ties (crowns removed w/dremel). They fit bike rack stock perfectly! This is what I made, along with the bracket to hold to the chainstay. The wider holes to the left will secure the bracket to the stay, while the other 4 holes will hold my modified cable clamp to the mounted bike rack!

    I tried to show some pics but said I've exceeded my space limit. I'll try to clear off some of my posts and see what can be done to share the idea?

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    I guess the site has grounded me from attachments???

    If you PM me with e-mail address I'll send you a pic to your personal e-mail, when I get a chance!
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    Check these out- one hold the battery, the other my stuff- not the largest bags in the world, but they fit the style. I used cable clamps- 3/8", machined out to fit the 1/2" tubes.

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    That's sort of on the order of what I did. At lack of a pic, I'll try to describe better...

    The U portion of my style clamp is not touched at all. The W style base has the crowns cut off, making it a tiny exaust clamp giving possibility of putting a horizontal bracket on a vertical rack bar!

    That's good clean work Hough! You got lucky to find those old cases in such nice shape! Matching even! Most that I've seen look horrible.
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    Hope these turnned out ok. I'm wearing gloves so nobody steals my prints (Federal Security Clearance) LOL, Just joking, they give a good backdrop!

    Good deal it worked!!! My thanks to the Mods and Tom. Now I can edit my posts also!

    First picture is the modified clamp, second is the original before mod, third is just the bracket I made.

    More pics once I get it on the bike. This will help solve camo problems for our HT's (my goal).

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    Exactly- good work. I had the same issue you did- went looking for a u bolt, couldn't find the right size. What I like about these is that, like you said- like an exhaust clamp, they encircle the whole rod- a u bolt and plate just does not hold as well because they contact very little on the plate side.

    I got the Polaroid cases one at a time on ebay- took months.
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    Your clamp is certainly stronger for your application. You simply can't beat the V's on the plate side for the extra grip! How did you hold that thing when you drilled it out Hough?
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    I just had to enlarge the saddle a little. The U fits aroun 1/2" tube as is.

    With the saddle, I clamped it in a vice and hogged out the majority of the material with the 1/2" portion of a step drill bit- lowering it into the saddle from the side. That is, instead of really drilling, I used it as a kind of end mill. I then finished it off with a 1/2" sanding drum on a Dremel with coarse grit.
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    Gotch'a, picking your brain a little bit and making sure there wasn't a technique I didn't know about! Thanks for the reply!

    The dust from those things is downright nasty! I latter discovered mine were made in China. Wonder if it was lead? The last one, instead of dremel cutoff, I used a hacksaw on. Worked pretty well...
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    Mine too...and you are right about that. Could have some brain not work good lately.
  11. i mounted a black plastic waste paper basket on each side of my rear rack using chimney/muffler strapping. hold 2 2liter bottles or a bag of grocerys in each one and the stock rack is still holding up.

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