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  1. blue 48

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    hi folks
    today ive changed the pedal side rear sprocket from a 5 speed to single speed 18 tooth and it looks sooooo much nicer than it did before.

    any how the main question is, can someone point me to some one that can make a sprocket that is better than the chinese junk, and it needs to be able to get to australia. i want a 44 tooth.

    also i need to know how id go about getting a better set of engine bearings and seals.

    p.s i managed to get the chain running without a tensioner too:D but a better sprocket will improve things heaps.
    the bike turns 3 soon:D so its having a complete over haul new paint ect for the new year, ill keep you all posted

    any replies will be appreciated thank you

  2. motorpsycho

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    ok, so how did you go from a 5 speed sprocket to a single 18 tooth sprocket?
    a standard coaster brake 18 tooth sprocket will not work on a multi-speed hub.
  3. HeadSmess

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    a standard screw on freewheel i assume? :jester:

    44 tooth...rip one off of a bmx. drill 9 holes in appropriate places....

    the 36 come from 16" bmx bikes, and 28s are supplied on them tiny lil 12.5" tyred creations...

    other sizes are usually a matter of being lucky?


  4. blue 48

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    screw on freewheel. turfed the derailer, shortened the chain and replaced the bent crank (3 piece) from a donor bike. all up in parts and tools $45 cant complain :)