BGF headlight.

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    BGF has a head light on ebay. Any comments ? Thoughts ? On the light not the company.

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    LED's can be VERY focused. I think in this case the limitation is going to be on the mag from the engine. It looks like the LED's have individual reflectors and it should be much brighter than the 6v 3w lights people have hooked to the mag.
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    I bought that one from BGF this week. It should be here today or tomorrow. Looks like they shipped it right away according to the tracking number.

    My current little 6 volt light doesn't do much so I thought I'd try this out.
    I'll post my review this weekend.

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    Yes ,please give us a reveiw, If its low quality,plastic cheap Chinese piece of junk let us know that too.
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    One odd thing in the listing- says it works with 4 strokes. I'm not aware of anywhere to hook it up on a 4 stroke...would be nice, though.
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    The headlight from Boy Go Fast came quickly and this is what I received.... images below.

    Headlight assembly with 2 conductor pvc insulated lead with an on/off slide switch about 2 inches from the assembly. The light housing was stiff blue plastic with a galvanized sheet metal formed bracket. The whole assembly and switch didn't look very weather tight. Is it a POS? Well, it was only $9.99 + $8.00 shipping. I will give it a trial.

    The blue plastic housing looks to have a seam where the lens for the LED lamps are but I was unable to screw or wedge it off. I will try to work with it before dissecting it.

    The additional hardware consisted of a mounting bracket for .75 or 1.0 inch tubing, a rubber gasket inside the bracket (assumed for preventing the bracket from rotating), a pointed set screw , a washer, a lock washer and two nuts which were of a size to thread on the set screw. The light was packaged with hardware in the plastic bag which scratched the lens in shipment.

    There were no installation instructions or manual included.

    There must be a rectifying circuit somewhere. I opened the slide switch but there is no circuit in there. All stuff must be in the light assembly with the LED's.

    I have a 6 volt DC source to try. Since it would be 6 Volt AC from the MB engine, It should work connected in one orientation and just as I suspected it did when DC was applied from the appropriate configuration.

    The light was substantially bright. Inside the house, in day time, it did have a blinding light from the 9 LED's when pointed at my eyes from 2 feet away!

    Overall it is minimalistic.. The switch does not seem to be weather proof, nor the headlight assembly. The housing of the lamps seems to be a brittle plastic.

    I will be installing it tomorrow and get a better idea of how it works on board. I will test it in the evening to see how it compares to my 3 watt 6 volt bicycle lamp.

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    Yep man,the real acid-test will come at night when u give it proper field trials.....hope it works descently.
    Pity about the lens being scratched......that's one of my pet hates & something BGF should be made aware of.
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    BGF Headlight

    Here's an attempt to install the BGF LED light. The bracket supplied was too small for the handle bar tubing. The bracket had to be pinched with pliers to make the mounting nuts and bolts reach.

    I'm not sure where it is intended to be attached to the bicycle or what kind of bicycle they had in mind. It is so small.

    I connected it to the same white wire connection that my current lamp is connected (which on all the time). The were connected in parrellel.

    After starting the motor, I switched on the LED there was a noticeable drop in RPM and miss firing. I took the bike for a ride and ran about 5,500+ rpm. After switching on the LED at that engine speed there was an evident drop in power.

    I stopped and ran the RPM's up and observed both lamps. The standard bulb lamp dimmed considerably when the LED was switched on. The LED was much brighter than my standard lamp.

    It is evident that the magneto doesn't put out enough juice for both these lamps to run at the same time.

    I did not have a switch to turn off the regular bulb. The next experiment will be a toggle switch to alternate between the lamps to see which one is brighter.

    Here are some pictures of my test installation and the standard bicycle lamp I run all the time. Sorry I couldn't get pictures of both the lamps turned on because I couldn't hold the throttle and snap the picture before the engine died.

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    Don't the instructions say to connect light to blue and white cable from the engine.
    Think that is what it said on e bay bid page.
    I never tried the blue white set up, for lights, only white.
    When I read that was thinking there might be a difference.
    But then again I thought blue wire was for kill switch.
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    Interesting - blue and white is kinda odd. That would be across the entire magneto coil, which would be pretty high voltage.
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    On many 4-strokes, the kill switch is hooked up to the primary side of the coil...
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    Specifically talking Honda 50(although the principal probably applies to most 4-strokes):
    The black kill switch wire is one thing...a wire to power an electrical system is another.
    IF the black kill switch wire can be used to power an electrical system we don't know the voltage or current output,& how would u kill the engine(use the same wire for both)
    I'm not aware of any OTHER wire that interupts spark generation.
    To me BGF put that 4-stroke bit in there for better sales & i bet if u contact them they won't know how,or won't bother replying................pity.

    PS,I'll ask the question anyway from BGF & see what they say.
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    I agree 100%.
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    I just tried this with a 12V LED connected to the black kill switch wire & it works fine with no apparent ill-effects....later today i'll start a thread with pics.
    No reason why it can't work with the Hua(and others)
    Dunno now how i'm gonna kill the engine cos i'm not overly keen using the same wire for both........ideas?
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    What ever happened??? Did the light work well???...POPS
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    Come on Gericherdson...Don't leave us hanging in the wind on the results...POPS
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    OK THEN!
    Come on...Please ...1 of my MB Bro's in the great USA. please buy and try this peice of boy go junk! If it works and is as bright as what looked to be it would be really cheap lighting. I would try it in a country heartbeat BUT he don't sell that stuff to Canada??? I guess we only get to buy the real junk...POPS
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    Will report this weekend

    POPS, it's been too cold here in Maryland to get the bike out. It's been down in the 30's for the last couple weeks. You all are probably still in the winter dark up North there and need the light, sorry.

    I'm off work tomorrow so I'll try to get the BGF light hooked up by itself to see what kind of light it produces alone. The 6 volt 3 watt bulb unit that I had installed is not super bright and uses enough of the juice from the magneto there is not much left over for running the LED except at high RPM's.

    This picture attached shows only the flash from the camera reflected not the LED running.

    We will see what tomorrow brings. Stay warm and light a candle.

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    Patiently waiting by my candle...POPS