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    Well as most know me by now I can't upload a pic for some reason here it may just be me but I sure wish I could now.I Bicycle/Trike Bike is very HEAVY lol.:ack2:Wish does not help my back out at all.I almost got it read to ride I am waiting on a few more parts to get here.Then the test will start will it ride or want it lol.Mybe I can get my wife to try to upload a few pic of my setup I have here on her computer.She has windows on hers.I use Linux my self.At one time I did up load a pic but I have no ideal how I did it it was a pic of what I call a springer fork some of you may remember it.Sure wish I knew my self it was easy too just for some reason I can't do it anymore.Its getting to me too.All of my work and can NO Show:icon_cry:Even tho I have gotten a little ****off a little here I still like this site.Like one said here let it go or look the other way.Its so hard to do that.LOL...Have a great day I got to go and get some sleep here I'v been up all night.Coffee is out too.

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    As to your pix, and I don't know what program you use, step 1 is "downsize them".

    My FinePixViewer program is pretty simple, after I download the pix, I click "select all", then click "modify size", converting each to a tenth of their pixel sizes.

    Once you have bite sized them, then you go through the steps with the paper clip "manage attachments".