bitsa custom uk

here is a pic of a friends bike.he removed the peddals like the mobiled in the befor and after pic post in this section.which was a mistake as it rearly slows to a halt on the hills lots of kicking out when going bikebug was climbing better.
its mainly an old dutch rex bike

engine with a few homemade bits added like the guards and a chopped up tank from an old autocycle.other bits from old mopeds.
That took me so long to try and figure out what all was going on in those pictures.
I specifically like the muffler and chainguard (whoa, did I just say that I like a chainguard?!?) I may take it one step further and say that I even like the tension roller!

Way to make stuff that most of us don't like or use look cool!
Chain Guard

:D Wow! That chain guard as well as the whole bike is awsome!
I've used a few things in the past that didn't necessarily start out life wanting to end up on something else!

Great job.