BLACK SABBATH in progress

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by spunout, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. spunout

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    this bike is for me! :evil:. after 4 years of cruising the same-o, same-o, cookie-cutter bikes, i decided to treat myself to something a little more stylish.

    removing all the decals is always job #1, haha.

    the local bike shop had these 25-inch apehangers, and i couldnt resist. :rolleyes:.
    with the seat all the way lowered, i have to do some reachin' to get to the grips, and i'm not a small guy.

    i can keep the 68 spoke wheels. in pic#1 i started redrelling the sprocket holes. i'll have more than 9 mounting bolts. more like 12 or 13.

    pic#2 is the rubber mounting spacers. those i cut from old conveyor belt. you can see how much larger in diameter they are compared to stock. have to be, to allow for higher positioning of the bolts to pass thru the spokes.

    mounting the motor will be a little involved. going to use u-bolts and fabricate some mounts.

    i ordered a chopper long-pipe exhaust.

    i'll reinforce all fender brackets with something heavier. those factory, paper-thin ones wont last.

    this is about as far as i can get, until my blue-hair (old lady) and the baby leave town for a few days, in a couple weeks. working MAD overtime at my 9 to 5 job, and doing regular builds doesnt leave a guy much time.

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  2. bbb

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    Can't wait for more pics...should be great.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    It's already looking cool and I admire how you're modifying to fit. Something I love to do, too.

    But I have serious doubts about anyone's ability to

    -Ride that thing-

    (with apologies to MM)
  4. terrence

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    Those bars are so cool. My wife is 5'2. She couldn't even reach that
    It would fit me perfect. Move foreward. Looks great.
  5. wanger

    wanger Guest

    is the paint job of HEVEN and H.ELL
    then i would be PARANIOD to ride that bike
    in case any thing CHANGES

    enjoy your bike:lol::lol:
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  6. spunout

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    thanks, all.

    the ultra-tall bars proved to be the throttle cable's nemesis. I cant find a vendor that has super-long ones for a reasonable price ($25 for 60" long, plus $14 to ship...i think not), so I made my own. Yeah, thats right....I spliced two together. dumb.

    Anyway, just used a elec. wire connector. i crimped the heck out of it, and with all my strength, couldnt pull them apart. throttle cable doesnt have nearly that much stress, like the clutch cable. Left 1" of play on the throttle side of the red connector, for movement.

    The pic of various metal bits-n-pieces, will be taken to the band saw, and drilled out for mounting, as soon as i have a few minutes to figure out whats-going-where.

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  7. spunout

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    finally, i have internet again! when the in-laws go RV-ing, they 'take the internet' with them...something about wireless and satellite and laptop and so on and so forth.

    ok, the mounts arent very pretty, but they work. hard rubber between all mounts and frame.

    REAR: angled the iron to the correct degree, and used one muffler clamp, and one u-bolt. there's two pieces of radius aluminum there on the underside of frame, to prevent the clamps from putting 'pinch' pressure on the frame.

    FRONT: i absolutely will not drill holes in the frame. interestingly enough, sprocket adapter plates had just the right hole distance.

    the rear fender braces snapped into pieces within the first 20 miles. the front, however, have held up nicely. used fender rods for rear. re-drilled holes in fender, drilled holes for mounting. heavy-duty "L" bracket replaced the stock tab. stock tab broke as soon as i went up the driveway.

    i'm waiting for loger cables, to attatch the ape-hangers (my splicing idea was a flop), but the truth is that i'm kinda liking the drag bars. very uncomfortable, but they look cool. and as we all know, thats whats important :stuart:.

    still have some minor things to do...paint the jug and sand the fins. also, have a chopper-pipe that needs alot of bending.

    i cant go anyplace, without a group of guys standing around it when i come out of the store.

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  8. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    Nice work, Happy!
    gotta love the stretched cruisers.

    I'll bet it's uncomfortable!!
    do you look cool riding it? (I'm imagining the monkey, with the football) :p
    did I say that?.....sorry hehehehe

    Sweet looking ride, bro.....ya know, I'm just jealous!
    :eek:fftopic: have ya heard from Bill? I've sent him some emails?:eek:fftopic:

    I bet those 68 spokers were fun to get a sprocket attached.
  9. MotorMac

    MotorMac Member

    Black Sabbath

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw your pictures,it looks a little uncomfortable, do you have to sit leaning forward to reach the handlebars?It is a nice bike tho.
  10. spunout

    spunout Member

    thanks motor mac, and howdy, dave! :clap:

    as long as the football is regulation, i see no poroblem :tt2:

    i think i'm going to turn the stock half-moon bars upside-down for the boardtracker feel. looks good, and i wont have to stretch out all the way forward.

    :eek:fftopic: i spoke w/bill awhile ago. he's doing good. did you send him a pm thru here, or direct email? i'll pm you his current email addy :eek:fftopic:

    i had to redrill new holes in the sprocket, and cut mounting rubbers from conveyor belt for it.
  11. my god your arms must run out of blood and go tingley very quickly!! :p kudos for haveing enough blood to ride that! :) looking nice keep it up! loving the 68 spokes
  12. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    That Bike is the SHIZ !!!!
  13. japster

    japster New Member

    i was wondering how to make that motor fit. i have the same bike and i have fought mounting the motor. but now i see the light, thanks for posting up your photos.