Bobby from the bush .

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  1. Bobbyoutback

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    Greetings All ,

    I live in outback Australia and use my motorized bikes off-road out in the desert , have geared my favorite down with a 56 tooth rear sprocket & it works great in the terrain I explore , only need a slow speed with that extra grunt :grin5:

    Regards Bobby.

    PS : I'm a beer drinker who likes women & having fun but does no harm to anyone .
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  2. give me vtec

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    WOW... you actually have the balls to venture out into the Australian desert on one of these things???? YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

    Try out a nuvinci hub and sick bikes jackshaft kit... much, much more reliable than the stock setup and will give you all the gearing you could ever ask for.
  3. Bobbyoutback

    Bobbyoutback Member

    Thanks for your kind reply :grin5: have looked at that stuff but as I only go so slow that the big rear gear is all I need .

    Cheers Bobby .
  4. give me vtec

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    do you take survival items with you??? At least some water or a knife??? How far out do you go???

    In my head... I am picturing Paul Hogan on a motored bike. Do you have any pics so I can get a visual???

    Very curious about this guy....
  5. Bobbyoutback

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    I do take a few tools & water for sure , the only thing that will kill you quick outback is lack of water , I've been close only once to that , never again !! its an indescribable agony & thats only the start of it , I just got out before I lost the plot :ack2:

    Got to learn to post pics ?
  6. give me vtec

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    I live at the southern end of a very fertile valley that would be a desert if it wasn't for the rivers we have flowing out of the mountain range east of us.

    I live just west of the Mojave desert... I know what heat and lack of water can do first hand. I couldn't imagine going out there on one of these things... two thumbs up.

    cheers :helmet:
  7. Bobbyoutback

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    Thanks Vtec for the thumbs up , the best rule I now have is to go no further then I can walk out if the MB stuffs up and can't be peddled & thats a long walk .

    Going to bed now as its almost 5 in the morning OUCH !
  8. Quenton Guenther

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    Welcome to MBc,

    Have fun,