Brakes for a beach cruiser

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    I have a 66cc skyhawk kit on a micargi beach cruiser (with the beach cruiser brakes). I'd love to put a set of front or rear brakes on the bike, not really sure how to do this. Any suggestions on parts or ways to set this up? Thanks

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    I'm assuming that you mean coaster brakes (where you engage the rear brake by pushing the peddles backeards?

    Probably the simplest approach would be to add a drum brake to the front - you would get a sturmey-archer or shimano front hub with drum brake. Buy a lever and cable, and build the wheel with the new hub. (This site has better pics of the brake-only hub, btw.)

    The photos below are of the Sturmey-Archer Dyno-Hub with drum brake, laced with 10 gage spokes. (The drum brake hardware is the same for the dyno-hub and the brake-only hub.)

    In addition, Shimano makes an add-on roller-brake for the rear that you might consider.

    The advantage of these two types of brakes is that you wouldn't need to weld mounting studs to the frame, as you would need for rim style brakes.

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    You can get some good side bull brakes and mount them where your reflectors/fenders are mounted now.Or get a springer fork with the v brake posts and get a smoother ride and good front brakes.Good luck

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    YEP !
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    Brakes fo cruser

    My friend got rid of his coster brake rear whell, and got a aluminum rear whell, got a back side pull brake and it didnt go down far enoff, so he made a bracket that made them work, he didnt like the way it trted to stop, might go with duell brake lever, or softer brake shoes. Does any body know if the side pull brakes down there fit proper on a cruser, it would be nice if they fit proper