Broke 53 today, but down hill lol!

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    Man that dragon lady is noisy.What r the laws on these bikes in hawaii?
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    It really is not that bad in person. The young gentlemen of Hawaii have a distinct preference for mopeds for personal transport, you should hear them screaming up the block! I put duct tape over the mic port to cover the wind noise, most of what you hear is vibration on mine.

    But I will say, Dragon lady is louder from behind, and 5-7 wears a full helmet, so he may not hear all of it :)

    We are fairly illegal here, they treat mopeds as bikes, no plate or insurance needed. But the rules are not over 49cc, has to be auto-trans with no clutch, and have all lights/safety equipment. Three strikes for me :) But so far, no probs with the five-oh :)
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    cool.I think 5 7 was trying to show off in this one by leaving u behind from a stand still.:)I think the DL is over kill.sorry57.
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    LOL, that was after I stopped to let him catch up :) I dusted him pretty good on that stretch, but he gets me some oon the uphill and headwind. He was moving already when I started off in the kunia clip, and I took it easy to stay behind him.

    No such thing as overkill, like the saying goes, 'a girl too pretty, a MB too fast' LOL! :)
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    Showing off?

    LOL, I'm trying to get a jump on Hawaii Ed!

    It's like bracket racing. Ed's coming from behind and will easily blow by me!

    Unless there's a headwind.:jester:

    Overkill? Nope. That second engine REALLY makes a difference accelerating and climbing hills. On a moderate hill I only lose an average of five mph. In Hawaii traffic, I need to jump out, get in front of traffic and maintain 38-40mph for safety. If not the cagers will try to nudge me off the road.

    I'll say this: Anyone traveling in Hawaii below the speed limit will sooner or later get hit. At slow speed you are invisible. If cagers ever see you, you are not a human being with equal rights to riding on the road.

    A bicycle or a slow MB is an obstacle to the cagers' pathway.

    Because Ed and I are very fast we keep out of their way and enjoy some sense of security.

    I spoke with a bike shop owner and he agrees with me that 99% of the people here are AFRAID! of riding a bicycle on the road!!!:shout:

    I also spoke with a spunky 75yo bicyclist. He's been run over a few times with serious injuries, hit and run. He agrees that we bicyclists get no respect from car drivers.

    I'm glad they passed a Hawaii law making it illegal to operate a cellphone or video game while driving. This has made a fantastic impact. Every other driver was using a phone while driving. Now they're obeying the law, because there's a $67 fine for the first violation, $500 for subsequent offenses.
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    Ed's right; I can't hear how noisy it is.:whistling:

    When I installed the front engine, the exhaust from the expansion chamber blew right into my face.

    Sooo, I rerouted the exhaust towards the crank, using 39" of flexible tubing. I then attached the muffler there at the crank.

    Thennn, I REMOVED the front engine's muffler. I decided to run it WITHOUT MUFFLER until I got pulled over for noise violation.

    I have NEVER been stopped by police, or even given a first or second look.

    Believe it or not...I'm invisible even running without the muffler.

    Like Ed said, those thousands of darn loud mopeds get the attention from the local police.:whistling:
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    It is amazing with all the slow mopeds we have here how rude the cars are, but it is true. Them seem to think slow vehicles are limited to Waikiki, and the rest of the Island is cars only. :(

    I am working on my headwind problem. As soon as my shipment from SBP gets here I hope to keep up better! :)
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    If you watch the video on Kunia Road, you'll see a Jeep pass me. I pull over slightly, going 35mph downhill...

    and he LEANS on the horn while passing.:whistling:

    No oncoming traffic. he had a LOT of room, but I think he wanted to see me overreact and fall.:ack2:

    That was my ONLY encounter with someone like that in all my riding.
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    dang you guys have some beautiful places to ride. Those vids are cool, thats about how fast I can go on my felt. Wish I would have had a MB when I was in Maui last summer... would have been totally different. You guys are very blessed
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    Here are some vids from the extreme west side of Oahu:
    Here is the run on the road from Ka'ena point south towards Makaha:

    On the Jeep trail from northshore to Ka'ena Point:

    On the Jeep trail in Ka'ena point (south side)

    Some people had commented on how the Dragon Lady killed me on the Sandy Beach run, part of that was I was messing with the camera and down shifted late, and I had a stock motor. I added the expansion pipe, and what a difference! The first vid shows I could hang easily :)
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    Hawaii Ed's shift bike left me farr behind. He got up to 1/4" mile away, slowing down to let me catch up.

    I never did catch up to Ed, even with the stiff headwind. The expansion pipe made extra power and helped Ed maintain his speed.

    Ed, we don't need to ride through Kaena Point again. It was hot and a tough ride through the natural preserve. I should say tough PUSH and CARRY, because I felt my age 62. The last time I felt my age was two years ago working for the post office during Christmas season. The previous time was seven years prior to that in a martial arts class.:ack2:

    I wouldn't have made it without Ed. He helped me carry "The Dragon Lady" through the sand and up the cliff. Trail was narrow, bike was heavy, rider was old and tired. Would've been a very nasty fall! at several locations:sweatdrop: