Burning Petrol Engulfs Riders - Australia

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    From AAP

    "Two men seriously injured when their petrol-powered bicycles collided and caught fire at South Grafton have been flown to Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital.

    Flames engulfed both riders, men aged 25 and 41, in the accident just before midnight on Wednesday. A passer-by used a garden hose to douse the flames.

    The 41-year-old manwas critically ill in hospital with third degree burns and head injuries yesterday, while the younger man was in a serious state with burns to a leg and head cuts."

    Hmmm... Drunk riding, without a helmet no doubt (must wear a helmet by law in Aus).

    Take care folks.

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    these are the kind of stories - we pray not to hear about

    bad for everyone -- especially those riders

    can you post a link to that story once more is known ?

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    This is what I worry about when I hear about people making their own gas tanks or not having the firmly bolted to the frame or engine....or not using clamps on the fuel lines, for that matter.

    What are the chances? Maybe not much, but simple things make the chances much less.
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    They force you to wear helmets on a bicycle. Thats so authoritarian. Glad to know down under is following the US and UK into the world of police state. ack.
    Sad to hear about such a bad MB crash though. It must have been a doozy to send two people to the hospital.