carb fjhg 2009-6

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by ultralight, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. ultralight

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    does anyone have info as to gas delivery from tank to carberator? ihave onlyfuel line attached from tank to carb. there are 3 other ports void of anyfuel line connections.looking down on carb(air filter facing rear) i port on left side,3 0n right side,none have lines connected to do i connect them.any manual available?any info on internet? signed ultralight kFba7wWV. would appreciate any info.thanks

  2. HeadSmess

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    erm. picture?

    bowl carb? or a diaphgram?

    bowl has an inlet. an overflow. and a vent. and possibly a drain.

    diaphgram should only have inlet and return, sometimes only just inlet. some have three lines but. hmmmmmmm.
  3. Purple Haze

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    Sounds like a crappy CNS pos. Don't know about the emissions laws in Mass. These were made to Cali. specs and are more trouble than they're worth. If you can, get a decent carb and be done with it.