My Bike Story *VERY LONG*

Great write-up. But please, go through and add some paragraphs, my eyes hurt. I am excited for you. Keep us posted.

I didn't see anything in that list to help you stop safer. Don't forget you need to stop faster than you can go.

also great idea, imo, to peen the chain pins.
Zak, Zac you've been cloned lol

Though plastic fenders can be more forgiving than metal fenders; anything getting lodged I to your spokes can put you down. So even plastic should be sured up. I rode for years with a rear plastic fender on the LandRider. It was the kind that gets attached to the seat post. These kind of fenders can be lifted several inches off of the tire. You can also get front suspension dirt bike fenders as well.
And why didn’t I get a memo on this?
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@Karl Snarl For painting my bike frame, do I need paint stripper or should I just sand down the surface and wash and let it dry? I'm using a paint + primer 2 in 1. And can I do all the coats with one can or will I need a second one?
sand with 180 or 140 anything higher and the paint has a hard time adhering