Don't Get lazy with your Maintenance

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Oct 28, 2021
Southwest Florida
Having too many bikes to keep "exercised" the past 6 months took me away from my "pre ride" inspections as I was jumping on a different bike every other day for a quick 3-10 mile ride. Getting rid of two of the 5 bikes last week forced me to be more diligent.

I was checking the oil on the Gator on Sunday and with my eyes closer to the frame than they have been recently I noticed that the main support brace for my rear fender had broken, and the fender dropped down a few inches (I don't think it was rubbing on the wheel) and the entire fender was flopping around. I had ridden the bike to 40 mph + a couple of days earlier on a short ride around the hood. I fabricated a heavier bracket and got everything tightened back up, but it reminded me of the importance of diligent pre-ride inspections EVERY time you go out.


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i take care of my motorcylce like it was my own heart. to much is at state if it brakes down. . i cant belive i have damn near 12000 miles on it niw got it new mid june. .. and i dont ride nk where as much as i used to . .. but as i said before everythjng is so far from me today wnet to target which is a few hours roundtrip lol. and it isnt trafic we have no its just distance
What a weird place to break.

I check every nut, bolt, cable and bearing on my bike before letting it rip, mostly because it scares the heck out of me.

Currently parked because I need a brake upgrade.
I see ya made an extension bracket outta what looks like brass, Next time use steel
Yep the fender L bracket don't quite reach the mounting hole in the frame

My original fender L bracket broke there because it was forced to reach that mounting hole in the frame
I put on two more L brackets, slipping under the fender like the original L bracket did, one facing forward and one facing backwards
Yeah I had to make my brackets longer to reach the mounting hole in the frame, like you've made your extension

I used two L brackets, one facing forward and one facing backwards because the thin fender metal was starting to tear (crack) where the slot is that the brackets go thru Two brackets holds it together so the tear (crack) wont get ant bigger
That will be the next repair i am sure...They are new fender so should be a while before that failure I hope. Yes, just used a piece of scrap I had laying around made out of brass. Use a steel one this time.
puting new tires on mine in the am. well mine is eletric but still motorized . i am going to use the black burn 20x 2.0 bmx free style tires.not bad at 15 a set.