Monark? Issues?

If I went down like that I'd be out for a month. We need a Big Bright Red Sticky: that says NO QR skewer axles allowed.

Just think if he was on a busy road with lots traffic up his backside & that skewer broke. Just think about it!
Stop! I cant stop laughing about this. So glad it happened when i was testing.

The thing is, there is no instructions for the monark fork that i could find. I have been having heaps of drama with these forks.

It had slipped out already once, i thought it was just me, and it needed to be tightened harder, and then in had issues with the wheel rubbing on the stationary fork.

I thought it was because of the pre-tension, as when loaded up the bolts that guide the springs would float through the top clamp, and pop the s**tty little nylon washers out of the clamp and the whole pivoting fork would wobble around floating the spring guides in the top clamp.

I reckon it needs a top had spacer, and i improvised, gluing the nylon washer to the spacer washer, phucked the dome nuts into the bin.

Replaced the top nuts with stainless nylocs, placed spacers underneath the main springs (ever occur to anyone, these only have 2- NOT 4 like a real springer?) With a flat 8mm washer, and then placed the glued improvised top hat washers into the top clamp, followed by another washer and then the nylocs.

This removed the "wiggle" that caused the fron wheel to rub, but doesnt fix my wheel issue.

So, on my other solid axle bikes, they have this washer that has a tab, that you can locate in a hole on the bottom of the fork.

Does anyone know if there is a redundant retainer setup for the axle like on old cruisers?
Yeah, i should have known. I just short cut doing the right thing. Can i replace the hollow skewer axle with a solid? Or do i need a different front hub?

I dress for the crash that i am going to have, not for the weather... so i came up fine. Learned myself a good one.

Look, i did laugh when it happened, after i got over the winding. I was not very happy with the bent forks. I have had nothing but drama with the monark forks. Some bad juju i have to exorcise out of these guys.
Yes you can replace a skewer axle with a standard solid axle. You will need to measure for the length of axle you need.
Unlike solid axles, with a squewer axle you can't know exactly how much you've tightened them. You can use a torque wrench on solid axles. The biggest danger with squewer axles is either not being tightened enough or being over tightened causing an eventual thread failure on the squewer.
Just buy a solid axle with the same threads as your hollow one. You can re-use you bearing cones and hardware. It's an easy swap, but important because the solid axle is so much stronger. Check your fork tubes after you bend them back to make sure they don't weaken from stress cracks. You might want to heat the bends before straightening to relieve some of the pressure. Probably some metallurgists on here who know for sure. It looks like one of your shafts that hold the springs might be bent as well.