Sometimes Creativity is Ugly

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Jun 7, 2016
I just made one of the ugliest devices ever conceived. It's a stand designed to raise the front wheel off the ground to work on the fork. And though it's ugly as sin, it raises the front 3 inches off the ground and is as stable as if the bike were on the ground. I will be able to remove the front wheel and fork to install my new springer front end that's coming along nicely. If you are interested, the thread is called "The craziness continues". The stand is made of scrap wood from my burn pile and a handful of speedy screws. It is 34" tall which fits perfectly under the top tube. A worn out kitchen sponge is attached to a notch in the upper brace with a zip tie to protect the top tube and hold it firmly in place. I've seen similar stands made from PVC pipe which are much more attractive and easier to construct with cement, but the scrap wood was just going to be burned anyway, so I decided to use it instead.


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