Carb issues, be exact. Possible other issues, my first build.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by clw1985, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. clw1985

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    Ok, I purchased a skyhawk 66 cc motor, for my 21 speed schwinn. I had it running very well last night. Today not so much. It won't idle..period. I had the cns carb on it. level, and the throttle felt great...last night. For cns carb owners...i took off the pink tube.

    Symptoms of issues-
    When i ride and get up to about 8 mph, i engage the clutch..engine will start, surprisingly smooth...but will never idle, or deliver any power hardly. if i stop pedaling it loses power till it dies. also, when i had it running well, and would give it fuel...sometimes i would pedal a couple times to pick up the pace a bit, and there was no resistance at all in the pedaling...however now it has a lot of resistance and its alot of work.

    What i have done to remedy the issue-
    I have read about adjustments..i screwed the idle screw in all the suggested by the manufacturer...I then backed out the air/fuel screw to 3 help. So then i reset air/fuel screw and started testing micro help at all.

    So i called spookytoothcycles and talked to Roland the owner or whatever. He said...remove pink tube...*done*
    Adjust carb idle all the way in and back out air/fuel 3 turns..*done* i was told it should run. Maybe it's not the carb.

    Maybe something isn't "catching?" or engaging correctly? All i know is that it ran very well, and now it doesn't run at all. Spark plug also looks fine.

  2. motorpsycho

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    check your clutch adjustment. It sounds like the clutch is slipping when you try to get the engine running. this could be causing enough drag to make it difficult to pedal, but not enough friction to get the engine running.
  3. clw1985

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    I've checked it but it's worth double checking I will then I will update.
  4. jmr3394

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    make sure the switch on the carburetor just below the choke is in the right position. My bike has same issues if this switch is sideways. If i just point it either up or down it goes just fine. Let me know if this works for ya
  5. motorpsycho

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    That "switch" is a secondary on/off fuel valve.
    if it is sideways, the engine will only run until the carb. float bowl runs out of gas.
    If the valve is up & down, that means that it's open and allowing gas to flow into the carb.
  6. biketec

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    Sounds like a CDI possibly, I have had a larger number than usual go out lately.
    I would start by checking for spark, If you have spark then I would suggest you put the stock carb on See what happens.
    Go from there.
    I once had a bike that would not start ( bout had a stroke trying to start it ) pulled the plug out checked worked fuel worked. Answer: that lil nugget in the middle of the plug was loose and when I pulled it out to check it slid down in its position but when upside down in the cylinder it fell down and touched. Took me the longest **** time to finger out.
    Anyways I hope this helps if not I'm 100% positive we can make it run!
  7. HseLoMein

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    I had this same problem with a spark plug too, it too me 2 weeks to figure it out