Carby carb replacement parts

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by DarkMana153, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. DarkMana153

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    I.have bought a used bike with a raw motor

    Carb is leaking all over. I checked it out and the gasket is a goner.

    Ive looked and searched and cannot find a.replacement.

    Anyone know where i can get one?

    Or do i need to buy a new one.


  2. DarkMana153

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  3. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    cut one out of cardboard or buy a new carb... using scissors versus spend money... ;)
  4. motorpsycho

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    if it's an n.t. carb, you can buy a whole new carb for $12.00.
    If it's the float bowl gasket that's leaking, i would not advise using cardboard as a gasket.
    I wouldn't reccomend using cardboard for the intake to cylinder gasket either.
    are you sure the carb is leaking around the float bowl?
    n.t. carbs are known to leak at the float bowl drain screw on the left side, which can look like the bowl is leaking.
  5. DarkMana153

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    The float bowl is the culprit for sure. I took it all apart and the gasket was completely drenched and came apart like wet paper. I think im just gona buy a newer better carb.
  6. blue 48

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    check that tickler button to mate those buggers can some times hold the float down causing the same problems youve described. my gasket is torn in half thanks to my little 2 yr old daughter but once i removed the primer button completely and put a screw in its place it dosent leak and make sure the float valve is shutting properly too, a piece of crud can wedge them open a bit causing a leak when engine not running as well
  7. DarkMana153

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    tickler button? you removed it completely huh?
    so does that button not have a purpose?

    thanks a lot
  8. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    that is a point...

    with the levels correct, the gasket is (almost) a surplus. theoretically fuel wont get that high. we live in reality unfortunately. fuel gets in the strangest of places

    the tickler doesnt do anything but hold the float down, just to prime the bowl. its assumed you turn off the fuel tap after use, and leave it sitting around for the next month or two, just like a lawnmower... :rolleyes7:

    this also, isnt a realistic vision of life :p

    my original carb, i removed it as well. it kept jamming the float. all it does is leave a hole in the top of the carb which doesnt affect anything. even a weeks worth of torrential rain didnt get any in... but it is an idea to plug it up ;)

    so far my current carb isnt playing up but the instant it does...

    and cardboard makes ferpectly fine gaskets! :snobby:
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  9. blue 48

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    its a rare occasion that i do turn the fuel off, but when it had the primer button it flooded and leaked all the time running or not. and this carb is at least 2 years old now still fine but like every thing on these wonderful machines it does need maintaining regularly (oh and a good type of filter) :)
  10. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    yes, you're right gas theoretically should never get up as high as the float bowl gasket.
    If a gasket in that area is a surplus, then why is one there?
    if these carbs(or any carbs for that matter) never leaked out of the float bowl, then why do they all have gaskets? if a company could make 10,000carbs in a month and eliminate the gasket at the float bowl, they would save a TON of money. so, again, if a gasket isn't needed at the float bowl, then why is one there? you would think that manufacturers would be all over the idea of leaving the gasket off if one isn't needed.

    The tickler button just lowers the float level, to open the needle & seat to allow more gas into the float bowl. so, if more gas is allowed to enter the float bowl, it WILL reach all the way up to the gasket area if you pump the tickler button too many times. Gasd has to get up to the level of the gasket to get out of the overflow tube, and how many of these n.t. carbs have you heard of flooding over, and leaking gas out of the overflow....A LOT.
  11. blue 48

    blue 48 Member

    just for an experiment i took the gasket off last week and rode it all the time and it didnt leak a drop :) then i done some off road riding on my home made trac and i was leaning it over hard and then it was leaking like a seive,i then rode to the shops and it stopped leaking. and is sitting out the back now as i type this and no leaks and the tap is on, BUT..... im going out to put it back on soon only because im riding on the track again soon and its very muddy now:ack2: and the bike is already caked in mud.:whistling: so a wash is in order too. SO offroad, yes have the gasket on and on road THEORETICALY no you shouldnt need it providing the float is set right and your on relatively smooth roads and dont lay the motor over to far:whistling:
  12. DarkMana153

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    ok ive got an update and a new problem

    so i fixed the gasket issue, found it leaking still.

    i took it apart to see what was going on. the float works fine, everything looked normal, the only thing i noticed was the throttle staying open, and i noticed on the throttle handle where the cable comes out it is broken keeping the throttle open a little bit when the throttle is released. so i fixed that with crazy glue and put everything back together.

    Now the engine will start up but the throttle wont respond and kills the engine.

    if i start it and squeeze the clutch (idling) the throttle responds, as soon as i release the clutch again it dies.

    The only thing i messed with was the carburetor and throttle handle

    so my question is, would all my problems be solved if i replace the throttle handle, cable, and carburetor? Or is there another solution to this matter?
    (i can buy all together for like 30 bucks)

    THanks again
  13. DarkMana153

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    anyone? before i go and buy
  14. blue 48

    blue 48 Member

    yeah do that and keep all the old stuff 4 spares
    let us know how it went

    also.... a friend had his NTcarb jam open on him and int turns out that the sidde was sticking at WOT and not returning turned out that he over tightened the threaded piece and stuffed it up( so be carefull?????????)
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  15. DarkMana153

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    i replaced the parts a few weeks ago. Works like a charm.

    The throttle handle threaded piece is already cracking! Cheap!

    But my buddy works at a machine shop so we are going to try and make a handle out of aluminum so this problem will be solved permanently.