Carby CARB!!!!



hey, like many here, i have problems with not enough space for my carb, looked around and found this, cheapy egg timer from a dollar store
take off the back cover, the timing mechanism should be housed in a nice metal cup

look how nice it is, drill many holes for the air flow, plus 2 holes to line up with the stiock screws

the filter goes right in, and the plastic spacer goes on as usual


you can mount it, it saves space like, 1/2 depth
for rain you can cut up a soda or beer ;) can and soder it to the top like a cover :) hope you enjoy i know im happy i thought of it, the damn stock plasic cover bothers me anyway -paul egg timer?! Hey, it DOES look better than the original. Nice job, man.

Oh, and the Superman and Transformer shirts?? Ya gotta love it! :cool:
haha thanks, and its bizzaro superman.
thanks for the feedback, i love thinking outside the box, and yesterday because of the snow i had alot of freetime at work lol
YES! This is what I really dig- adaptive re-use, backyard engineering, and total creativity at it's best. Keep up the great work!
i try, i try, id also like to put out an open invite to people to ask me for help if they need something thought outside of the box, i like to think im a prety smart/creative guy, plus i always love to help and need help myself sometimes, aim SN......jasperash -paul