CDI Or Magneto Is Fried: No Spark

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    So I was ridding today and suddenly my engine just shut down and would not start up.

    I've been trying to get a spark out of this thing but no luck; I have no real way of testing it so I am kind of screwed.

    Been thinking for getting a new kit since this one have been nothing but problems but they are out of stock again and well I am broke like always.

    Also been thinking of new parts but it would cost as much to just get a whole new kit.

    Maybe I should just give up this hobby as much fun as it is I spent most of my time just trying to fix the dam thing.

    This may be the final wench in the gears for me.

    Any ideas of what I could do?

  2. crassius

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    if you have a harbor freight store near you, they have multimeters really cheap (and sometimes free with a coupon)
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  3. jaguar

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    don't give up. it takes just a few bucks to fix. and this time make sure all the electrical connections are solid.
    all the El Cheapo's out there crimp the stator coil wires to the CDI but with the slightest looseness it can cause the coil to go bad. (long technical explanation involving electrical inertia from the coil inductance)
    Nothing short of a good solder connection should be employed.
    go to my page on troubleshooting your system to know what to replace:

    SEGACDX Member

    So I got an analog multimeter and tested the Starter Coil and CDI.

    I got no volts and no resistance form the Coil.

    About 350-400 ohms from the CDI.

    This is my first time using the meter so IO had to test it out on some stuff before I could use it so my readings are going to be off.

    But I think it shows that my Coil is the problem.

    Now I am sure there is no way to fix a coil and I'll just have to buy a new one but I really don't have the money!

    Being broke sucks; plus if I do get parts the shipping is like 10-15 bucks so I would have to buy a bunch of stuff I have been needing like a bunch of new clutch pads, Speed Carb, Petcock, Etc; basically a bunch of stuff.
  5. HeadSmess

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    i live on being broke :) too many expensive hobbies :) and not enough income :)

    if youre really, reallllllllllllllly patient, and i mean REALLLLLLY patient, theres a slight chance you can gut a transformer (old school wall wart) and try a rewind.

    why patient? its 2500 odd turns of extremely fine wire, (less than your hair?) that snaps if you so much as sneeze! a guitar pickup is another good source :)

    just note which way the wire is wrapped onto the coil/magneto if you feel like doing this... wind it backwards and it will never run!

    a lathe really helps if you can get access to one...

    SEGACDX Member

    Well I was thinking about it but I think as much as I hate to say it I am going to have to cave in and just buy some god dam parts already.

    I'll just wait until I have a few extra bucks to spare.
  7. crassius

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    that 350 - 400 ohms is what the coil should read - are you sure you're reading everything right?

    there are pics and more info on this board

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    No Crassius I was reading no Ohms at all so I pulled that thing apart today did some more testing; found a broken lead on one end so tore it apart and fixed it all up and re-did the whole ignition system with direct soldering.

    The deference in power it just nuts with this re-done setup.

    Well Thanks for the help guys!
  9. HeadSmess

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    learning ;)

    a joyful experience :)

    forgot to mention that part....check the join where the wire is soldered to the laminated core. and earth. electricity needs good contact to flow :)

    running again, for nothing. the BEST fix :)